Saturday, October 10, 2009

Reference Material on Logic

Introduction To Logic; Irving M. Copi; 1978; McMillan Pub.

Introduction To Logic, 12th Ed.; Irving M. Copi, Carl Cohen; 2005; Pearson Prentiss Hall, Pub.

Contemporary Philosophical Logic; Copi and Gould, eds.; St Martin’s Press.

Logic; Paul Thomassi; 1999; Routledge.

Analyzing Informal Fallacies; S. M. Engel;1980; Prentice-Hall Pub.

Critical Thinking: An Introduction; Alec Fisher; 2001; Cambridge Univ Press.

Non-sense: A Handbook of Logical Fallacies; R. J. Gula; 1979 / 2002; Axios Press.

Attacking Faulty Reasoning; T. E. Damer; 2001; Wadsworth Pub.

Logic (Schaum’s outlines); Nolt, Rohatyn, Varzi; 1998; McGraw-Hill.

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