Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bill Quick and the Standard Canard for Denying the Obvious.

Atheist Bill Quick is easily irritated. As his article wrap-up he says this:
” Some atheists piss me off every once in a while, but not nearly as often or as much as the dumbasses of the “atheism is a religion” crowd.”
He seems to reason that Atheism is not a religion and that's why he doesn’t have a blog to assert Atheism as the superior religion to all theist and deist and whatever religions. Except that he does do that religiously on his blog, acting pretty much like a religious zealot. Here he resorts to logical absurdity to defend the non-religiosity of Atheism:
”A standard response is to note that if atheism is a religion, then “bald” is a hair color, and not collecting stamps is a hobby, not kicking a kitten is a form of animal abuse and so on. Another is to note that if the definition of religion was expanded enough to legitimately include atheism – say, by defining a religion as “any philosophy on life” – then practically everything in the world would be a religion, such as socio-economic policies or views on equality. (British law has come close to finding this in employment discrimination cases.)”
Quick has resorted to Atheist bumper sticker wisdom, which always is easily refuted. Atheism does, in fact, have a creation story, evolution, which is used to define the value of human life, the purpose of life, and it constrains the afterlife story to a null hypothesis. Atheists don’t have a common moral statement, but that is their common feature: total freedom from morality and absolutes. Further, they evolve almost directly into Consequentialism (which is an anti-morality sort of morality) and Leftist elitism from which they can be excommunicated as heretics if they sin by not adhering to the Leftist dogma regarding the sacred tenets of Atheism: absolute truth of evolution; the non-existence of absolute truth; the absolute moral imperative of support for the killing one’s progeny (women’s healthcare), and the installation of Atheism as the standard morality of government and the public square.

So Quick’s use of silly false analogs is just pitiful in one sense, and desperate in another. No one is demanding that the government be all-bald, all-non stamp collectors, all-non kitten kicker (although that one is a de facto consideration). But Atheists are everywhere demanding and suing for total Atheism and freedom from religion. Does this not remind anyone of the Islamic demand of total Islam? Or else?

But he also fails in his meager attempt at definition: “religion as a philosophy of life”, which is a phony definition that he can knock right down, a cheap, weightless Straw Man. I.e it is a definition that only a defensive Atheist would conjure up.

There is no doubt that Atheists like Bill Quick really don’t like being apprised of their religious affiliation. But that’s too bad, because they are exactly religious, with the same features which they denounce in theism, including religious gurus and even churches. And their religiously defended sacrament is abortion, about which they become hysterical if it is threatened in any manner. And that is because their religion holds that due to evolution humans have no inherent value, and that they, the elites, get to decide who may, under elitist Atheist morality and moral authority, be killed.

If nothing else suffices to define Atheism as a religion, it is their lack of morality combined with their presumption of self-endowed moral authority which cinches it, completely. Atheism is the religion of moral and intellectual ambiguity, expressed as elitist dogma.


Rikalonius said...

I would add they have an apocalyptic end-times story. Right now it is global warming, or climate change, or what have you, but in the past it has be famine due to overpopulation, global cooling, deforestation, annihilation by nuclear weapon or nuclear power, etc. Whatever IT is, man is the cause of IT, and it is all because the other won't genuflect to the elitist messiah's world view, as you've succinctly stated in the past.

Phoenix said...

say, by defining a religion as “any philosophy on life” – then practically everything in the world would be a religion,

That is exactly what Atheists do when they're embarrassed by,other more militant Atheists such as the North Korean regime.
Atheists (Hitchens & co.) have defined the Juche Philosophy (meaning self-reliance) of NK as being religious.

Stan said...

Yes, I missed that and it is one of the most prominent of the Leftist hysteria mongering points: save the Earth.

And no matter how internally contradictory their solutions (exploding eagles with wind generators and frying all local birds with solar farms; obvious fraud in Green/government collusion), they neither admit it nor relent.

Stan said...

Good point. Atheists say whatever they think helps their current argument. If that situation reverses next time around, so be it. Consistency of logic is not required under the Atheist VOID.