Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Connection Between Atheism and Social Justice

Atheism starts with rejection: “there is no deity”. It sometimes quickly progresses to denial: “I have no beliefs regarding a deity”. Atheism becomes a moral and intellectual VOID.

The Atheist VOID is highly conducive to the self-creation of personal moral principles. It is common for those moral principles to apply to others, rather than to the Atheist self. This, in turn, produces a highly “moral” Atheist self, and also a highly “immoral” Other. This engenders eliteness for the Atheist, who has done nothing of merit to produce such eliteness.

Atheists have tended to aggregate into moral groups. This allows the Atheist-Leftists to identify common elitist morals for the Other, and those become the Class designations for placing the entirety of humanity into tribes or classes. The three classes start with themselves, the elites, who they designate as the saviors of the “downtrodden”. They become the Messiah Class. Since they need someone to “save”, they designate “Victimhood” Classes which are determined by their own criteria. And there needs to be someone to save the Victimhood classes from: those are everyone else – the Oppressor Class.

This is Cultural Marxism, which is Atheist to the core.

The Messiah Class is self-anointed (in Thomas Sowell’s words) to attack and destroy the Oppressor Class. The methodology is moot; whatever works is the motto of Atheist Consequentialism, under which the only immoral tactic is the one not used (Alinsky).

Not all Atheists become Leftists and Social Justice Warriors. Christopher Hitchens was a conservative. But Hitchens also used the Class System. He merely defined the classes differently from the Left. The Marxist tendencies to destroy the Oppressor Class in order to save the Victimhood Class were still in play and strong in Hitchens.

However, the majority of Atheists do tend toward Leftism. They have granted themselves superiority in logic and evidence and intellect, despite having no evidence of any superiority in any of those things. But having granted themselves this superiority places them directly in the elitist class, with the self-granted responsibility to save the world from their lessors.

In the western nations, the Atheist Social Justice war is against Christians, straights and males, as well as any who hold to moral principles which are not Social Justice principles.

Atheist Social Justice Warriors cannot be negotiated with; they view themselves as morally superior, intellectually superior, logical and evidence-based. Thus they are "right" in every subjective sense. The Atheist Social Justice Warrior has joined a group which is socially narcissistic, and can see no defect in himself and considers all criticism to be due to defects in the Other. The phenomenon of the Atheist Social Justice Warrior, then, is one of psychological defect, a mental state of delusion - a delusion which cannot be removed even by logic, rational argumentation, blatant objective evidence, or common sense.

It can only be contained. It must be; it's intent and objective is to destroy the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of atheist, here is a typical hand-waving exercise by one of them in regards to a book about God that Metacrock from Atheist Watch wrote:

Atheistwatch: Answering Dan Lawler's Review of my book

Stan said...

I can't read metacrock. Sorry, I just can't. The constant typos and spelling errors only lead me to wonder if what I read is what he meant. And if he is that careless with his writing, why trust his logic - which is obscured by his writing. I can't imagine what his book must read like...

Anonymous said...

He has dyslexia. And, I read an original copy of the book, and it is pretty good.

Mr. Jibaku said...

I don't comment often, just a quick one. I have dyslexia. I use a spell check just like everyone else and proof read my own writings. Having a hurdle means you jump over it, not simply run through it and make a mess.

Stan said...

When you see an "e" and a "3" typed together, as well as a "u" and an "8", both in the same sentence, you are not likely looking at dyslexia; you are looking at carelessness followed by lack of editing.

I also use a spell checker and I reread for both careless error and for comprehension as well as intellectual error. I frequently find that leaving an article overnight - or longer - helps me with finding bad structure which I hadn't seen before.

Anonymous said...

Metacrock has been called out for that before by atheists who can't answer his arguments. He says that he uses spellcheck for Firefox or something.