Thursday, July 20, 2017

Liz Wheeler Lists ALL the Evidence Against Donald Trump

Where There is no Logic, There is no Contradiction

Group that protested NRA over 'violent' rhetoric embraces convicted cop killer

The group behind last week's protest against the National Rifle Association over rhetoric it claimed was a "direct endorsement of violence" wished a convicted cop killer and fugitive a happy birthday on Monday.

"Happy birthday to the revolutionary #AssataShakur!" the verified Twitter account for the Women's March tweeted. "Today's #SignOfResistance, in Assata's honor, is by @Meloniousfunk."

The tweet included a painting of Assata Shakur, also known as Joanne Chesimard, with the slogan "A woman's place is in the struggle."

The Women's March praise for Chesimard came less than a week after the group organized a protest of the National Rifle Association (NRA) in large part due to a video the gun organization produced. The video, which criticized resistance to the Trump administration and protests that have repeatedly turned violent across the country, was specifically cited as a key motivator for the protest, and the Women's March demanded the NRA take it down. "Recent actions by the NRA demonstrate not only a complete disregard for the lives of black and brown people in America—your fellow citizens—but appear to be a direct endorsement of violence against these citizens exercising their constitutional right to protest," a letter from Tamika D. Mallory, co-president of the Women's March, to the NRA read. "You are calling for our grassroots, nonviolent resistance movement to be met with violence."

While critics of the video have taken issue with its metaphorical call to "fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth," the video does not include any call to actual violence.

Chesimard was the first woman to be added to the FBI's Most Wanted list and was last spotted in Cuba after escaping prison in 1979. As a member of the Black Liberation Army, Chesimard is believed to have committed a number of felonies including bank robbery. She was convicted of first-degree murder in connection with a May 2, 1973, shootout between her group and New Jersey State Police.

We Have Met the Enemy, and He is Us. (*)

The Core Problem

The core problem is not even the New World Order, although all the politicians and apparatchiks who are pouring the fire ants over our heads are disciples or paid servants of the NWO. But we, the electorate of the nations west of the Iron Curtain, keep voting in these same loathsome snoids, over and over again.

And that is the core problem.

It’s clear that the mass media are major prop that keeps the Potemkin village of the Modern Multicultural West upright.

It’s also clear that mass affluence, powered by fiat money, is responsible for keeping the mobile vulgus quiescent most of the time.

But are these enough to explain the apocalyptic cul de sac in which we find ourselves? Or are there additional explanations?
I demur. Without the Gramscian, Nietzschean, Atheist/messianic, narcissistic Left, and the resulting circle of infiltration, indoctrination and maleducation, the culminating ignorant generations could not have resolved to the circle of indoctrinate/vote/indoctrinate/vote. The conquest of minds could not have occurred.

Freedom is not the normal state of human society; totalitarianism is. Freedom must be wrenched away from the Leftist dictators, over and over and over.
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
Thos Jefferson

* Pogo.

Twenty Five Years

Twenty-Five Years Since The Ozone Hole Killed Us All
Well, it did make all the Leftocrats brain-dead. Other'n that, no problemo.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

PUSHBACK, Delayed but Probably Permanently Intense.

They did not expect the Deplorables to take offense; now the Deplorables are ON Offense.
BACKLASH: RIGHT WING TWITTER BEGINS DIGGING FOR DIRT ON CNN EMPLOYEES. “This is not the world I want to live in,” one of Ace of Spades’ co-bloggers writes, and I concur. “When I first saw that they’d embarrassed this guy, I laughed. I thought he was an on-air personality and at least a minor political player. After I realized he was just an editor, I cringed a little. I can’t bring myself to endorse it, but neither can I condemn it.
This is what they’ve done to time and time again us and they won’t stop.
What alternative is there?… This is only the beginning of an ever-growing pushback, one that’s only going to get nastier and more ugly. And
everything that happens is on them. This is the rotten, worm infested harvest they have sown and they’re going to be choking on it for some time to come.
As Ace himself warned the media last November, a week after Trump won, this backlash was coming. “You dominate this culture. You made the rules. You now get to live in the savage world you made brick-by-brick, media…The media loves to ride the tiger of Mob Hatred when that tiger is devouring a plebeian. Well, sometimes the tiger bucks, old chaps.
Related: Regarding their actual news coverage, or the lack thereof,
“Our Corrupt Media Is Now Haunted By All The Precedents They Set While Colluding With Obama.”
Ed Driscoll at Instapundit

An Accounting of Fake Scientist, James Hansen: Doom Rescheduled From 2018 to 2068.

Climate Scientists Move Global Meltdown from 2018 to 2168
That's long after he's dead and so he won't have to endure the ridicule that will accompany his name.

Creating the Enemy Necessary for Three-Class Marxism

From Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit:
Linda Sarsour Says Jake Tapper Is A White Nationalist.

You want to make “white nationalism” a real thing? Keep calling everybody you disagree with a “white nationalist.”
Creating the White Nationalist: It's all the rage now amongst the Hate Mongers of the world: Leftists. It is now a thought/skin crime to be a) loyal to your country; b) white. What the Left wants is a) abject loyalty ONLY to amorphous "Progress" AND their denigration du jour; b) global mongrelization except for them.

As Glenn says elsewhere, "that's how you get more Trump".

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hegel and the SJW

SJWs are NEVER content
Until all cis-normals are purged from the universe, SJWs will continue to converge every entity they touch. The antithesis must be achieved; no synthesis is satisfactory. They march toward appropriation of all of culture, which they will destroy by re-assembling it into permanent Marxist/communist three class war. And the weak SJW will be purged along with the Oppressor Class just as has always happened in class war countries around the world.

NO! You CAN'T Have Pills for Pain... But You Can Have...

...pills to kill yourself (or someone):
DC allows doctors to prescribe life-ending medications

I Would Like to Respect Carl Bernstein...

...I really would. He comes so close, and then...
Carl Bernstein: 'Cold civil war' gripping US as media embrace 'different truths'
No. Nonono. There are not any parallel "truths" which lead to contradictory conclusions. The Left doesn't even believe that there are ANY truths. Sorry Carl.

And again:
He stressed the importance of anonymous sources and said "quote 'leaks' which really are not leaks" are instead "mostly reporters trying very hard to get truthful information and put some context to this story."
That's a sorry excuse for making untestable claims which are purveyed as FACT. These sorts of leaks are a) illegal; b) not testable; c) loose innuendo used by reporters who have no actual facts to report. And a leak is not context. If it is not testable fact, then it is not testable context. Carl, that's bullshit.

Bernstein said one of the big difference between Watergate and now is "that we are in the midst of a cold civil war in this country."

He expanded on that idea, saying that there is a political and cultural civil war and all of our reporting is taking place in the context of that cold civil war. And nothing quite like that existed at the time of Watergate."
Carl, you were there, right?? There was insurrection on the campuses, riots at DNC conventions, and in all major cities, Bill Ayers bombings, Weathermen bombings, kidnappings, burnings, shooting of students by National Guardsmen, black riots in the ghettos... where the hell were you?

I stopped reading at that point.

Snopes on Trump Derangement

I am not in general a fan of Snopes. But in this analysis they have sorted through the morass in a quite decent fashion. Their Leftism leaks through in minor ways, but only very occasionally and without impact on the significant logical value of this article. I was surprised and pleased to find this analysis.
The Lies of Donald Trump’s Critics, and How They Shape His Many Personas
An in-depth analysis of the false allegations and misleading claims made against the 45th President since his inauguration.

There are many articles that exist detailing lies and misleading claims made by the Trump administration. This article is intended as a neutral, reliable analysis of the lies, false allegations and misleading claims made about and against Donald Trump since his inauguration in January 2017. We’ve attempted to strip away the hyperbole, name-calling and generalizations, and examine the patterns and trends at work: what characterizes these lies and exaggerations, the effect they have, what might explain them.


Some of these claims are downright fake, entirely fabricated by unreliable or dubious web sites and presented as satire, or otherwise blatantly false. But the rest — some of which have gained significant traction and credibility from otherwise serious people and organizations — provide a fascinating insight into the tactics and preoccupations of the broad anti-Trump movement known as “the Resistance,” whether they were created by critics of the President or merely shared by them.

Generally speaking, we discovered that they are characterized and driven by four types of errors of thought:

A lack of historical context or awareness

Cherry-picking of evidence (especially visual evidence)

A failure to adhere to Occam’s Razor — the common-sense understanding that the simplest explanation for an event or behavior is the most likely.
Infused throughout almost all these claims, behind their successful dissemination, is confirmation bias: the fuel that drives the spread of all propaganda and false or misleading claims among otherwise sensible and skeptical people.


Here are some examples of terminology used in the article:
These lies and misrepresentations are also often based on snapshots — visual evidence presented without proper context;

even the cherry-picked evidence chosen to make the point undermines it;

except that he didn’t;

lack of historical context and cherry-picked evidence also played a role in another particularly egregious episode, in which Occupy Democrats placed a photograph of Pope Francis frowning beside Trump, next to one of the Pontiff grinning beside Barack Obama;

these claims have primarily come in the form of blatantly fabricated posts and stories from disreputable sources;

absolutist way the motion was misrepresented in the article’s headline;

evidence...actually supported the opposite;

rushed and alarmist conclusions, a lack of context, and a pre-existing caricature of Trump as an incipient dictator have played a role in false claims made against him;

not true;

false claims and fake stories;

false attributions; falsehoods;

major strand of falsehood
There are many more conclusions like these; read the whole thing THERE.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Black Racism

NYU librarian laments 'fatigue' from 'presence of white people'
Of course there is no chance that her persistent activism as an SJW in the middle of a predominantly white gathering had anything to do with her racial "weariness" issues. Undoubtedly the rest of the attendendees got a belly-full of her arrogant sacred imprecations regarding the failures of the whites, and even the oppression of their profession. So I imagine that she did get weary of folks politely telling her to knock it off.

Here's Glenn Reynolds' take on her situation:
If you could send these stories back to 1964, would we even have a Civil Rights Act? Or would most of America have knocked itself unconscious from the massive face-palming?
She admits to being comfortable with her own race, and that helped with the negativity of having to associate with whites.

From this one case might we assume that blacks want "in" to white culture so long as there are no whites there?

History is Hazardous: Eliminate it NOW

Which "Ethnic Minorities" will get busts and portraits? Which minority will get the "best spot"? This is not over. Lord of the Flies prevails now at King's College.

I'm thinking young Afgan males might prevail.

Flogging the Dangle: Leading Back to Obama

The entrapment of Trump Jr. will prove to have been a huge mistake - for the Left. Read the whole thing; it's an excellent compilation of the known facts.
Who’s Colluding With Whom?

The narrative of the meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and the “Russian Lawyer” doesn’t pass the smell test.
With actual alternative journalists interested in actual facts digging deep into the matter, the Leftist stink is starting to come to the fore.

Dangle per Wiki:
Dangle[1] (podstava in Russian intelligence jargon[2] and chèvre in French police and intelligence jargon[3]) is a term used in intelligence work to refer to an agent or officer of one intelligence agency or group who pretends to be interested in defecting or turning to another intelligence agency or group.

The goal of a dangle is to convince the second or foreign intelligence agency that they have changed loyalties by offering to act as a double agent. The dangle then feeds information to their original agency and/or gives disinformation to the second or foreign intelligence agency.
Or serves to create a Potemkin situation which merely APPEARS to be questionable in order to throw unfounded and undeserved dirt on a person's reputation. This will lead back to the DOJ/Lynch and to Susan Rice. And who knows where it stops?

The investigation has taken a "Left" turn.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Pre-Frontal Attack?

After WWI, the French built a very long series of fortified bunkers and mounds near the German border in response to the trench warfare that had been so devastating. They had created what was the essence of a huge trench defense which was hundreds of miles long. This major defensive structure was called the Maginot Line, and it was expected to protect France from German invasion.

The Germans did invade, in what became WWII. But they did not attack this French structure head-on. The Germans came at the defenses from the side, starting from near Belgium, and wiped out the Maginot line easily.

Today the culture-driving entities are entrenched. Universities, government, education and much of "big" business are completely controlled by the communist dogs of the Left. There is free speech only for Leftists in the universities, more intrusive regulation from the government, more maleducation from the government-driven education establishment, and Leftist billionaire psychos who got filthy rich from a single program who now control social media and on-line speech with Leftist exclusionary codes. There is tolerance only for themselves; free speech only for themselves; inclusion based on skin color and exclusion based on ideology. Their behavior is totalitarian while pleading anti-fascism (the biggest indicator of ignorance and inverted mentalities of those who think only with their "feelz", and get their information from CNN/NPR). The Leftist path to destruction of all which they hate is well underway.

But those elitist class structures are all vulnerable, like the Maginot Line, from the side.

A great example is the Leftist University of Missouri, which has decreased enrollment in the double digits, and significantly decreased funding from alumni. The government is being re-built from the top-down. Education, at least public education, will likely be rebuilt both top-down and by self-strangulation. Entire Leftist cities will fall further into financial calamity; several have already lost their ability to borrow due to their leftist-drive to use other people's money on Leftist promises which cannot self-sustain. There are now alternative choices for internet structures, such as duckduckgo for honest search, and infogalactic for honest encyclopedic information.

The one aspect of the Leftist hegemony that will not (easily) be defeated is the mind-set in the individual Leftist: the Leftist cannot release the arrogance, the self-derived superiority and deeply held elitist self-image. People who depend on their class to give themselves "meaning" will not have the ability to release their self-indulgence in the face of becoming average, ordinary humans: members of the wrong class. It will require either massive help for these narcissists, or force to deny them power over others.

Until the Left gives up (or is forceably restrained from) Class War and its status as "saviors", "messiahs" of their perpetually designated Victimhood Classes (usually also themselves), there will be no peace.

So the real question is just this: what must be done to regain a sane society, one which is inhabited by those who leave each other alone, except to help when asked?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Shock! Dismay!

As Government Funding of Sex Education Is Cut, Teen Pregnancy Rates ... Drop?
The Left will feign being shocked, scandalized and will deny, deny, deny. Yet a decrease in teen rates is not, and was never, the objective of Leftist sexual liberation education, and "all sex is legitimate and exists on a spectrum of legitimacy. The delegitimization of sexual responsibility, aka "keeping it in your pants", has always been their mantra, at least since the 1960's - so that's at least half a century. What the Left always supports is the killing of the results of free sex, anywhere along the spectrum: the progeny which is naturally generated. Abortion is wonderful, to hear the Left tell it... as they drum up business for their preserved "baby parts".

It will be interesting to see if the teen dash to have their "gender" changed in order to rebel even beyond the level of homosexual, will decrease. Teachers normalizing all the mental disorders and perversions as legitimate will not be funded, it appears. In its absence common sense might arise from the ashes.

Go, teens! Make us proud...