Monday, November 23, 2015

Good Question

Why Does Global Warming Only Turn Muslims Into Terrorists?

"Global warming is the cause of terrorism in the Middle East and around the world according to Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and other Democrats. Let’s add in the Prince of Wales. With a straight face they make this claim, ignoring any and all other evidence to the contrary.

But if that is so, if global warming causes terrorism, then I think the Democrats need to answer this question: why does global warming only turn Muslims into terrorists?

There are Jews in the Middle East and Africa. There are Christians in the Middle East and Africa. There are animists, Zoroastrians, Hindus, and others. But only certain Muslims, often from wealthy families, turn into terrorists. The Jews, Christians, animists, Zoroastrians, Hindus, and the rest never seem to be affected by global warming in that way.

Perhaps instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to explore why lesbians are fat, the federal government should spend some cash on why global warming turns only Muslims into terrorists."
Well, send me a couple hundred $K and I'll be happy to write up a "scientific" analysis. For another $100k I'll even throw in a graph.

Quote of the Day

"THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO A LEFTY: HATING THE RIGHT PEOPLE. Bette Midler: ‘Caitlyn may be a woman – but she’s still a Republican.’"

Sicilian Mafia Will Protect NYC

Finally! Someone who is pro-active!
Gangs of New York: Sicilian mafia offers Big Apple protection from 'psychopathic' ISIS
Life is interesting in the 21st century.


An interesting juxtapositioning by Drudge:
PRINCE CHARLES: 'Climate change' root cause of Syrian war...

FLASHBACK: Scientist Declared 'Global Warming' Caused Hitler...

Now that it has been shown that peer review is virtually useless, AND we know that empirical restrictions such as replication of experimental process and confirmation of results are no longer part of science, why, any stupid statement by a "scientist" becomes "science". And who wants to be a science denier? Well, I, for one, am proud to deny bad, non-empirical claims any value whatsoever. These claims qualify for that.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Caitlyn vs. Radical Islamists

No it's not a one woMan war, it's a war of definitions to which the Left must adhere in order to keep its narrative straight. Specifically, Hillary and Obama are good with calling Bruce Jenner "Caitlyn" despite the scientific, factual and obvious truth that he is an XY, penis/testicle carrying male. In Jenner's case, it is possible to define yourself as you wish, and the Left will abide by that new definition.

However, with the Islamic State, Hillary, Obama and the Left refuse to acknowledge what the observable facts, AND the self-definition presents as obvious truth: They are Islamic; they are jihadists; they are terrorists. But the Leftists cannot say the words, "Islamic Terrorists".
"Liberals/progressives defend Islam so vigorously that they insist on qualifying “jihad” with the adjective “radical,” and they refuse to utter the (accurate) phrase “radical Islam.” How ironic that these liberals/progressives–who repeatedly evince an overt hostility to religion, and who wave the banner of “tolerance” in our faces, to the point of aggression–are so deeply committed to defending such intolerant, religiously motivated actions and beliefs."
Glenn Reynolds
The Left loves Islam because Islam cannot abide the west, and neither can the Left. Islam must be repackaged for mass consumption as the peaceful religion which it is not. And it must be imported in order to drive out the Christians which made actual religious tolerance possible. But actual tolerance is not a Leftist principle: they share the desire of Islam to rule the entire globe. But they deceive themselves into thinking that Islamists will share power with the Left, which has been so supportive of the "religion of peace". That won't happen. And Caitlyn and the homosexuals will be the first to go, followed by Hillary and the feminists. Interestingly, "People of the Book" may be allowed to pay the Jizya tax, and allowed to live.
"The West — Europe, in particular —is in a terrifying bind, for it has living in its midst substantial populations of Muslims, the majority of whom are poorly integrated into Western society. And by integration I don’t simply mean a case of Abdul or Cherif or Aicha getting up every morning to go to work with other citizens of Belgium or France or Denmark, but an embracing of the civic and social and constitutional values of these countries — what might, by useful shorthand, be called the Western “way of life”.

To the extent that we have the full facts, we know that every single perpetrator of the carnage in Paris was home-grown. That is a chilling fact (and phrase), conjuring visions of a venom that eats away at the body-politic, with echoes of a cancer in the human body. The fault, I fear, is that of Europe’s elites. For decades, they ignored — and even actively worked against — integration, scorning it as unfashionable, old-fangled, and, worst of all, racist. Is Our Way, they asked, with impressively self-destructive hubris, really better than Their Way?

That question now has an answer. It’s an answer the West must live and, increasingly, die with."

This is big!

Room Temperature Entanglement in a Semiconductor Substrate
It took less than a decade to go from a single cat-whisker transistor to commercial PNP transistors. Then another decade to get to commercial integrated circuits. If this is real, and if it translates to gate-type devices, the impact will be phenomenal.
Quantum entanglement achieved at room temperature in semiconductor wafers

""We know that the spin states of atomic nuclei associated with semiconductor defects have excellent quantum properties at room temperature," said Awschalom, Liew Family Professor in Molecular Engineering and a senior scientist at Argonne National Laboratory. "They are coherent, long-lived and controllable with photonics and electronics. Given these quantum 'pieces,' creating entangled quantum states seemed like an attainable goal."

In addition to being of fundamental physical interest, "the ability to produce robust entangled states in an electronic-grade semiconductor at ambient conditions has important implications on future quantum devices," Awschalom said.

In the short-term, the techniques used here in combination with sophisticated devices enabled by advanced SiC device-fabrication protocols could enable quantum sensors that use entanglement as a resource for beating the sensitivity limit of traditional (non-quantum) sensors. Given that the entanglement works at ambient conditions and the fact that SiC is bio-friendly, one particularly exciting application is biological sensing inside a living organism.

"We are excited about entanglement-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging probes, which could have important biomedical applications," said Abram Falk of IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center and a co-author of the research findings.

In the long term, it might even be possible to go from entangled states on the same SiC chip to entangled states across distant SiC chips. Such efforts could be facilitated by physical phenomena that allow macroscopic quantum states, as opposed to single quantum states (in single atoms), to interact very strongly with one another, which is important for producing entanglement with a high success rate. Such long-distance entangled states have been proposed for synchronizing global positioning satellites and for communicating information in a manner that is fundamentally secured from eavesdroppers by the laws of physics."

Be Prepared: Al Gore Predicted in 2006 That the Earth Would Die of Heat Death Less Than Two Months From Now.

Al Gore's January 27, 2016 Prediction is Coming Near: The Earth Will End From Overheating

Flashback 2006 to Rush Limbaugh :
"Now, the last time I heard some liberal talk about "ten years" it was 1988, Ted Danson. We had ten years to save the oceans; we were all going to pay the consequences, which would result in our death. Now Al Gore says we've got ten years. Ten years left to save the planet from a scorching. Okay, we're going to start counting. This is January 27th, 2006. We will begin the count, ladies and gentlemen. This is just... You have to love these people -- from afar, and from a purely observational point of view."
News Flash: record snowfall in... oh, never mind.

Here's James Hansen, January 18, 2009:
"Barack Obama has only four years to save the world. That is the stark assessment of Nasa scientist and leading climate expert Jim Hansen who last week warned only urgent action by the new president could halt the devastating climate change that now threatens Earth. Crucially, that action will have to be taken within Obama's first administration, he added.
Obama must have saved planet earth while we weren't watching... What a guy, he hasn't even bragged about it! He's so modest...

Race and the Left

There's an inherent racial regression in the snowflake revolution:
"MAYBE PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT RACES SHOULD ATTEND SEPARATE SCHOOLS, TO ENSURE SAFE SPACE AT ALL TIMES: U. Vermont Holds Retreat for Students Who ‘Self Identify’ as White. I mean, equal, but separate. Woodrow Wilson would approve!"
Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit

So would all Democrats up until LBJ, who discovered that blacks can vote and can be bought on the one hand, and be made scared of the party of Lincoln, who liberated them, on the other hand. All it takes is corruption, which the DNC has aplenty.

Racism is a working value and program for the Left.

If It Is NOT Radical Islam Then What Is It?

DNC Ad Attacking Republicans for Saying ‘Radical Islam’ Is Laughably Stupid
"A new ad from the Democratic National Committee attacks Republican presidential candidates for using the term “radical Islam.” Entitled “Inciting fear isn’t presidential,” the ad argues that the use of the term is offensive to Muslims.

I’ve seen my share of nasty, bizarre, and over-the-top political ads. But this may be the first that I can honestly say is just plain stupid.

To begin with, the ad is horribly tone-deaf. I don’t doubt that the decision-makers in the Democratic Party are horrified by the phrase “radical Islam.” But a new poll released today on the issue found that a supermajority of Americans agree that the United States is at war with radical Islam, including 56% of Democratic voters. Only 24% of the country agrees with the president. So right off the bat, the Democratic Party is attacking Republicans for a stance their own voters agree with.

But of course, the ad attacked Republicans for just saying “radical Islam,” not saying we’re at war with it. Well, 92% of Americans also say “radical Islamic terrorism” is a serious threat to the United States. But hey, at least the DNC is making inroads with that 8%.

To say nothing of the timing behind the ad. Literally any other time of the year, voters might have just rolled their eyes at the unbearable PC-ness of it all. But the DNC ad comes after a series of major terrorist attacks across the globe… and after President Barack Obama gave a speech in response that left the impression that he was more fired up about attacking his domestic critics than taking on ISIS. To attack Republicans for “inciting fear” about radical Islam in the wake of nonstop news about radical Islamic terror is just an unbelievable misfire."

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Racist By Virtue of Cis-Whiteness

Being white is an unconscious microaggression; So Stop it!

Leave your white skin at the door, or don't come it. Better still, don't come in, just leave and take all white contributions with you. Well, not the building. And not the plumbing. Oh, and not the cell phone and the electrical networks, TV and radio. And automobiles. And gasoline. Leave all that stuff - just all you whites leave.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Quote of the Day... this entire article:"<sarc ON>" Read it over there. There are so many laughlines there that I feel the need to send him the clicks. Well, OK, here's one:
"So let’s make sure Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrats have to own this pouty passion play. You know there's no way Hillary can stand up and say what I would: “Hey you little cretins, you’ve got ‘til I count to three to get off my quad or I unleash these state troopers to get all pepper spray and nightstick up on your delicate little booties. Three.”

No, she has to kiss their collective healing circles. And we should make her do it publicly, because there’s nothing normal voters love more than seeing people giving in to petulant sophomores with an attitude. We should force her to take a stand, to decide whether she's on the side of the little college punks, or on the side of Americans. Gee, where do you think she’ll come down? Not with the normals, that’s for sure."

Clinton Goes after Laugh Factory Comedians for Making Fun of Her


Blind girl trumps PC  blacks:

Vanderbilt Hate Crime Turns Out To Be Blind Girl's Dog's Poop

Thursday, November 19, 2015

AGW Predictions are Deleted Due to Embarrassing Erroroneous Predictions By Experts

From Instapundit:
"ONE OF THE LONGEST RUNNING CLIMATE PREDICTION BLUNDERS HAS DISAPPEARED FROM THE INTERNET: The London Independent quietly tosses their March 2000 article with the classic headline “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past” down the memory hole, after years of being mocked."
And from Watts Up With That?...
From the Independent’s most cited article: Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past by Charles Onians:
"However, the warming is so far manifesting itself more in winters which are less cold than in much hotter summers. According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”.

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,”
he said.
In other news,
Some Colorado ski areas measuring the snow in feet, not inches
A relative reports that Colorado Springs got only 12", but Monument got 18".

More Leftist Schlock

I wondered why the image of the Eiffel tower had something dangling between its legs.... Something to do with fake trannies? I completely missed the chickenfoot aspect.
Cool Civilizational Death Wish Goes Viral!

"Just in case our enemies needed another reason to despise us, today the inactivist group Somnolent Tilty-Headed Wankers for Peace launched an exciting new graphic: the same old clapped-out hippie peace symbol but incorporating the Eiffel Tower (right)! Isn't that a cool, stylish way of showing how saddy-saddy-sadcakes you are about all those corpses in the streets of Paris? It's already gone viral! And that's all that matters, isn't it?

Our enemies use social media to distribute snuff videos as a means of recruitment. We use it to confirm to them how passive and enervated we are: What was it the last time blood ran in the streets of Paris? Oh, yeah, a pencil - for all those dead cartoonists. But, given that blood in the streets of Paris looks like becoming a regular event, it helps to have something of general application. What about, ooh, a tricolor with a blue tear at the end? No, better yet: a peace symbol with a croissant in the middle. No, wait...

What's that? All you are saying is give peace a chance? But what, in fact, are the chances of peace for Paris and France? What are the odds?

Oh, sorry. All they were saying is give peace a chance. And, having said it, they've gone back to sleep until the next atrocity requires another stupid hashtag or useless avatar.

Parisians should be revolted by this third-rate gimmick, and revile those who created and promoted it.

[UPDATE! Saddy-sad pianist plays "Imagine" outside the Bataclan theatre:

Imagine there's no countries...

Keep this up and there won't be.]"

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

CanNOT Make This Stuff Up...

'Project Vulva' at Scripps criticized for alleged 'transmisogyny'
The event was held at The Motley Coffeehouse last Thursday and was supposed to highlight the alleged stigmatization of vulvas in society.

Controversy arose on the event's Facebook page over its alleged 'transmisogyny.'

Supplies were available for participants to decorate cupcakes like vulvas.

"Last Thursday, students at Scripps College hosted an event at The Motley Coffeehouse called “Project Vulva” to initiate dialogue about the alleged stigmatization of vulvas in society.

“Why is it that, generally, society is so comfortable with the image of the penis and vulvas are considered taboo?” states Project Vulva’s Facebook page. “In middle school people would scribble penis pictures on the desks in the classroom. There is always that kid who passes out at the party and someone draws a dick on his face.”

"Equating genitalia to a person’s gender is and always will be transphobic."

Project Vulva’s organizers described the event as “an educational and interactive art show displaying your friends [sic] depictions when we asked them, ‘Can you draw a vulva?’ We will also have cupcakes that you can decorate like vulvas. Supplies are limited!” The event’s stated goal was “to create an open dialouge [sic] educating people about the vulva in order to confront society’s stigmas and stereotypes, and make people more comfortable with the many varying images and types of cis and non-cis vulvas.”

However, the event faced harsh backlash from online from commenters who found it offensive to the trans community."
Anyone care what a non-cis vulva looks like?