Sunday, September 21, 2014

How The Left Came To Need Global Warming, Morally

Robert Tracinski makes interesting serial observations about how the Left thinks, and why Neil deGrasse Tyson fell into the ideological position of Scientific Moralizer for the Left.

I think his analysis is spot on, except that it doesn't address the additional element of groupie elitism, which is an emotional failure that is present in Leftist self-positioning. But Tracinski addresses a Leftist cultural evolution, based on pseudo-morality from Marxism (and thus capitalism hatred), through rejection of prosperity, and then into AGW as the all encompassing capitalist, prosperity-driven, lethal assault on mother earth herself. This presents AGW as the primary moral evidence for the greed of western societies, greed at the expense of the poor societies and the planet.

AGW is one facet of the Leftist, messiahist, moral-preening religion. And Tyson fits neatly into the evidence-for-the-religion slot, and into the intellectual elitist slot, no matter how phony the evidence nor corrupt intellectually. Further, the tactics which are chosen to implement their "anti-greed" religious tenet seem to make them wealthy, if they were not already.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

What With Chinese Nuclear Subs Off Our Coasts and Russian Planes Pushing Our Airspace...

...Obama should bow and make a nice speech. That should settle things.

Government Schools: Terminally Incompetent

Girl aged 14 raped in school toilets after teachers' plan to 'use her as bait' backfires

Alabama, USA: Staff trying to stop reported sexual abuse were told they needed evidence - so they used the girl as 'bait' but then forgot about her, a lawsuit claims.

A 14-year-old special needs pupil was raped in her school toilets after teachers set up a trap to catch an alleged sexual abuser by using her as 'bait' - but then forgot about her.
Using a special needs student as bait is about as low as it gets... unless you forget about her! There should be a special hard labor prison for the school officials/teachers responsible for this. And for teacher/rapists.

This is what moral-free Consequentialism in government institutions gets you.

Friday, September 19, 2014

DNA, Dual Superimposed Codes, and Evolution

This has been out for a while, but I think I failed to acknowledge it. And it is a big deal. It has been discovered that DNA has two codes, written one over the other. Both codes are necessary for genetic selection as well as for manufacturing proteins.
Scientists discover double meaning in genetic code

"Since the genetic code was deciphered in the 1960s, scientists have assumed that it was used exclusively to write information about proteins. UW scientists were stunned to discover that genomes use the genetic code to write two separate languages. One describes how proteins are made, and the other instructs the cell on how genes are controlled. One language is written on top of the other, which is why the second language remained hidden for so long.

"For over 40 years we have assumed that DNA changes affecting the genetic code solely impact how proteins are made," said Stamatoyannopoulos. "Now we know that this basic assumption about reading the human genome missed half of the picture. These new findings highlight that DNA is an incredibly powerful information storage device, which nature has fully exploited in unexpected ways."

The genetic code uses a 64-letter alphabet called codons. The UW team discovered that some codons, which they called duons, can have two meanings, one related to protein sequence, and one related to gene control. These two meanings seem to have evolved in concert with each other. The gene control instructions appear to help stabilize certain beneficial features of proteins and how they are made.

The discovery of duons has major implications for how scientists and physicians interpret a patient's genome and will open new doors to the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

"The fact that the genetic code can simultaneously write two kinds of information means that many DNA changes that appear to alter protein sequences may actually cause disease by disrupting gene control programs or even both mechanisms simultaneously," said Stamatoyannopoulos."
Note the gratuitous genuflection to evolution, entirely unnecessary to the findings of the code duality. In fact, such duality complicates the probability of evolution by many orders of magnitude beyond the negligible probability it previously enjoyed.

No doubt there will be attempts to trivialize this by some sort of Just So Story. If you see one pop up, let me know, OK? Thanks

ISIS Crisis: Solved. Remy

Tidying up Tyson's Wikipedia Page

The Wiki defenders of Neil deGrasse Tyson's image are scrubbing his wiki-image. They are removing attempts to add Tyson's falsifications to the page. Not too surprising, actually. Leftists are all about the narrative, not the truth. And like Tyson's narrative, they are smarter than you and I, more moral than you and I, and just all around superior in every way. At least that's the narrative, and they are sticking with it. Narrative ├╝ber alles!

Why Obama Designs This War To Fail

Obama Can’t Afford to Win in Iraq

"Obama does not want to win his new Iraq war. He can’t afford to. If the projection of American military power successfully solved the problem of Islamic terrorism, it would shatter Obama’s entire worldview."
Which explains why he has adopted the Lyndon B. Johnson approach to war failure. Perhaps this also explains why he squandered the military-won gains by previous administrations.
"Let’s be honest: No effort can be successful if the Commander-in-Chief is unwilling to even define victory. This semantic murkiness is intentional, since it provides maximum political cover for the poll-watching president. Obama can declare that we “degraded” the terrorist threat with a single air strike or a thousand.

The only reason that Obama acted at all is politics. Polls showed that midterm voters demanded a military response to ISIS’ beheading of American journalists and repeated threats to our homeland. Drones, air strikes and military advisors are merely a PR campaign to assuage moderates that their Democratic president is “doing something.”"
Potential political fallout in the Fall elections forced Obama to take at least some sort of action. The groundswell was too large to ignore. But after the election I would not be surprised to see Obama pull back, in order not to have a military victory interfere with his worldview.
"A pragmatist would welcome victory regardless of its origins. Sadly, America is stuck with the most rigid ideologue ever to occupy the White House.

Obama adheres to a transnational progressive morality that has replaced “Good versus Evil” with “Weak versus Strong.” As the strongest nation on the planet, America is viewed not as its “last best hope,” but the chief among oppressors. He has been steeped in this intellectual environment from birth.

U.S. military power is an inherently bad thing, causing untold suffering to the peoples of Mexico, Japan, the Koreas, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and beyond. It is an extension of European colonialism, which is to blame for the broader power imbalances ravaging the Third World.

American force isn’t the solution to terrorism, but the cause. Poor, powerless Middle Easterners are merely rising up against their oppressors with the few weapons they have. This is blowback and America is the root cause. The chickens have come home to roost.

The only way to end terrorism is for America to apologize to those we have oppressed. To make ourselves weaker, and thus, more moral. To surrender our material advantages, making our world more fair.

Obama might employ military solutions here and there to buy a couple more years for his great liberal project. But his ego cannot afford a sweeping military victory against third-world enemies."

[emphasis added]

Another Science Fail: Sexual Assault by Scientists

Science has a sexual assault problem
Wait, aren't most scientists Atheist? This sounds similar to the sexual assault problem of Atheism/Free Thinking/Skepticism.

How do Scientismists justify this?
"My story is not unique. In July, Kathryn B. H. Clancy and her co-authors Robin G. Nelson, Julienne N. Rutherford and Katie Hinde published a survey of 666 field-based scientists in the journal PLoS One and reported that 26 percent of the female scientists surveyed had been sexually assaulted during fieldwork. Most of these women encountered this abuse very early in their careers, as trainees. The travel inherent to scientific fieldwork increases vulnerability as one struggles to work within unfamiliar and unpredictable conditions, but male respondents reported significantly less assault (6 percent).

I know several women with stories like mine, but more often it is the men of one’s own field team, one’s co-workers, who violate their female colleagues. The women surveyed by Dr. Clancy’s team stated that their “perpetrators were predominantly senior to them professionally within the research team.”


There is a fundamental and culturally learned power imbalance between men and women, and it follows us into the workplace. The violence born of this imbalance follows us also. We would like to believe that it stops short of following us into the laboratory and into the field — but it does not. I listen to my colleagues talk endlessly about recruiting more women into STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines, and postulate what the barriers might be. Sexual assault is a pernicious and formidable barrier to women in science, partly because we have consistently gifted to it our silence. I have given it 18 years of my silence and I will not give it one day more."
Sexual predators need to be nailed and nailed HARD. That will take victims fighting back. All women should be armed, trained and ready, as a start.

Givng Obama Amnesty and the Right to Act as a Presidential Criminal

The Democrats in the US Senate voted for Obama's post presidential amnesty yesterday, but it failed in a 50/50 vote. Those Dems who are in critical races to save their seats voted against it. It's clear that in a Republican Senate, Obama could never get amnesty for past and future crimes. So the vote had to occur before the elections this Fall.

But the legalization of presidential crimes is too egregious for even the Leftist ignoranti who vote for the barely concealed totalitarianism of Democrats normally. So the vote failed on probability grounds - those who vote for it probably would suffer for that vote in this election. But those who have elections in following cycles know that their voters will have forgotten the whole thing by then, and will vote for their food stamps like always.

Tangentially related:
Only 36 percent of Americans can name the three branches of government
The term "ignoranti", is justifiable on many levels. Good work, American government schools.