Monday, May 28, 2018

In Memoriam: Memorial Day From My Vantage Point

Seventy years ago or so, everyone knew someone who had had a family member snuffed out in the Second World War. Most towns, large and small, had memorials erected to the patriots from their community who had died unspeakable deaths in order to protect their nation.

It is so with our families. My wife’s uncle was part of a bomber crew that bombed Japan and then flew to China, because the plane couldn’t hold enough fuel to return to base. After his last mission, he wasn’t heard of again until the early 2000’s, when an intrepid Chinese spice hunter descended a nearly vertical mountainside – and found the wreckage. It had been undisturbed for over half a century.

The remains were sent to US Military, and he was accorded a burial with full honors in Arlington National Cemetery.

On my side, Uncle Bob was a fighter pilot in the South Pacific. He was shot down over open water near a tiny tropical island that today is nearly uninhabited. His remains have never been found.


Today the urge to preserve a nation is being swamped out by the utopian one-world philosophy, which seems to maintain that if all oppressors were somehow eliminated, then the entire planet would be at peace forevermore, no nations or borders needed. And in fact that math works. (*) If that equation is oversimplified and made a moral principle.

What doesn’t work is the secondary idea that those who love their freedom and national identity are actually oppressors. And that Victimhood Categories can be very aggressive to each other.

The utopians were presaged by the racial purity advocates, including those who called themselves “progressives”. In the early 20th century it was “scientific eugenics” which featured sterilization of undesirables and ultimately abortion on demand. These were expanded by both the Japanese and the Germans; both eradicated the impure.

Today the eradication of the impure is constrained to the western Left. Found in major control points such as media filters, corporate posturing and the training grounds for the young, the eradication has barely turned violent when compared to the great one-world purity assaults of WWII. But they are no different in their narrative of exclusion/eradication, and their self-delusions of superiority and grandeur.

When one changes the “truth” as some “moral” opportunity presents, then one is detached from any facts which obtain in the matter. That indicates self-induced delusion. And that applies to half of the American population. Screaming a full year after inauguration that the president must be impeached due to his crimes for which there is no evidence, is self-induced delusion.

There was little such self-delusion in the 1940's American communities who sent their prime sons to fight the tribalist, racist Japanese and German/Aryans. The entire nation stopped what it was doing (starving under FDR) and mobilized to defend its national interests, character, and Modernism.

It might never be that way again.

*Until they realize that the victimhood groups will not play together, and some will try to destroy their Leftist overlords. They cannot realize that now, because it is fully outside the narrative and in not “intersectional” with the premises of the Left.


World of Facts said...

Stan, interesting and touching stories. It's great to remember those who fought for freedom and against tyranny.

What's unfortunate is the second half of your post though, because what you see as Leftist utopia is more or less what Americans in WW2 were fighting for, not against. In other words, you don't realize that you are on the side of what would be, today, Nazis and Japenese Imperaliasts... it's not exactly the same, but still...

World of Facts said...

Thought of something else to add: you mention that your camp is the "Constitutional Right", correct?

Let's say that I am the "Constitutional Left", it seems to me that you would have been with the Nazis:

- You said "Today the urge to preserve a nation is being swamped out by..."
Just like Nazis, who wanted to make sure their country, Germany, was kept pure. That's why they killed millions of Jews, who they saw as not-German

- You said "What doesn’t work is the secondary idea that those who love their freedom and national identity are actually oppressors."
Just like Nazis, their quest to seek protection of their Nation is seen as under attack; the "others" see them as oppressors but, really, the Nazis were just trying to maintain their national identity. Nazis loved freedom, for Nazis.

- You said "And that Victimhood Categories can be very aggressive to each other."
Of course, eachgroup can be aggressive to each other. That's just a platitude, a tautology almost. But Nazis would say the same; look at the French, the English, the Polish. They fight each otherz they are no better. The Italians and the Japanese got it right thoug, they want to preserve their national identity.

Constitutional, yes.
Hitler, Mussolini, Right, no.

Stan said...

That's absurd. In absolutely no manner does the US Constitution command either racial purity or One World Government under US control. The USA and allies were fighting to PREVENT racial purity and One World Government. The USA gave Japan, Germany and the Axis their countries back to their people - no imperialism, period.

The one exception is the Democrat Slave holders' insistence that blacks not be given the full vote, but rather only 3/5 of a vote. That was the same Democrat Party that seceded when a Republican president won, and who they ultimately shot. That was the same Democrat Party that fought every - EVERY - civil rights bill up to and including the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. That was the same Democrat Party that ruled the South with Jim Crow and the KKK.

The Leftists have always been anti-freedom except for themselves.

Stan said...

There is NO Constitutional Left. The Left derides and defies most of the US Constitution, from the "Commerce Clause" to the First, Second and Tenth Amendments (at a minimum).

They currently refuse to accept a constitutionally elected president, and are attempting a Deep State coup, or failing that to impeach the president on zero grounds. Oh yes, they also hate the electoral college, which they tried to buy in 2016, and then threatened with death threats.

There is NO Constitutional Left.

So the preservation of a nation based on constitutional law is fascist/NAZI? That is too ridiculous to even address. You must read Pravda every day...?

"Just like Nazis, their quest to seek protection of their Nation is seen as under attack; the "others" see them as oppressors but, really, the Nazis were just trying to maintain their national identity. Nazis loved freedom, for Nazis.

This is erroneous on all counts. The NAZIs sought to dominate the world, thereby eliminating the concept of nations. To say that "national security" was their objective is massively ignorant of the history of Europe.

"Nazis loved freedom, for Nazis."
Precisely like the American and European Left. Exactly the same Leftist totalitarians.

You seem not to know anything about the US Constitution, or the history of Europe.

However, your accusation that I am a NAZI is fully expected; you do not outline actual constitutional principles OR historical actualities. Your purpose is AD HOMINEM abusive, pure and simple. And that is because Leftists have no supporting facts, and therefore they must depend completely on false rhetoric and pretend "moral" principles (eg the Antifa cult, the "Resistance", the "Trump derangement" mentally disabled).

The obvious probability of internecine violence amongst "Victimhood" groups is absolutely fatal to the Leftist Messiah concept of UTOPIA, in which everyone obeys the Left because freedom of dissent is extinct. Well, it is obvious that that will not happen under Leftism, because Islamists (now pets of the Left) will eradicate the Left along with everyone else. The Left either ignores or is in complete denial of this eventuality, so it is hardly recognized as a tautology by the Left.

The eradication of dissent and western Modernism will fit perfectly with Sharia. But the OTHER principles of the Left will not fit with Sharia, because the Left loves: a) sexual perversions normalization; b) feminism; c) Post Modernism; d) post truth; e) situational ethics.

Ask Nancy Pelosi about the existence of a "constitutional" Left.

World of Facts said...

You're all over the place but made a couple of good points regarding the USA not fighting for one racial purity. But that's not what you want today. You said Blacks should assimilate. Doesn't that mean that they should act White? I am not saying you're literally a Nazi; it's not an attack on you at all. But you are on the side that, today, is the equivalent of the Nazis back then. That's why Neo-Nazis or the KKK are all pro-Trump. That's your tribe right now. Not as violent as Nazis of WW2, thankfully, but you did say a civil war might come, so you're not completely against fighting, even killing, those you disagree with.

The Constitution is for all. We can have a position that starts with the conviction that the document should be respected and then have more Right or Left values. Therefore, you're denying the existence of a real position instead of addressing it. Plus, you said that some children born here don't deserve American citizenship; that's directly opposed to the Constitution. So you're doing exactly what you just accused the Left of doing.

Stan said...

Is it racist to encourage blacks to obey the laws of the domain in which they are born, raised and live? Is it racist to encourage blacks to get actual educations which allow them to support themselves and their families? Is it racist to encourage blacks to stop using and selling drugs, and rather to seek productive paths for their lives?

In today's world, yes: those things are racist, because they are anti-black culture according to the Left.

But a great many blacks have already done those things, including accepting Modernism as valid thought processing. Are these folks racist? Of course they are because they are "Uncle Toms" who reject the ghetto black "culture".

"but you did say a civil war might come, so you're not completely against fighting, even killing, those you disagree with."

In terms of disagreeing with those who classify me by skin color with the intent of future "Oppressor Eradication", yes I will use violence if necessary for defense of life, family, freedom from Messianic tyrants. No country, tribe, or class can survive without the will to fight for the defense of its country, tribe, or freedom. You implicitly condemn this even while spouting Leftism, which is currently demanding the eradication of certain races and their native culture and theory of cultural probity. You are supporting the coalitions of Victims in their demand for control - the very definition of fascism.

You have spouted platitudes without details: how is there such a thing as a constitutional Leftist, when Leftists fight to disable the constitution at every juncture? Leftist programs are illegally legislated by Leftist judges and the Leftist Supremes - which is why the ability to place Supreme Court Justices is a Leftist corruption when in power.

There is no such thing as a constitutional Leftist. No one but you has ever made that claim afaik; it is false, no matter who makes the claim.

The issue of anchor babies is a corruption of the word and intent of the Constitution.

US Constitution, Article IV, Section 4. (invasion)
US Constitution, Amendment 14. (Citizen designation)

You are back into cheap trolling - making identity accusations out of non-intersecting positions. You don't answer the counter assertions, but merely charge onward with baseless accusations.

So I guess I'll jump in with your approach: You are on the side of Mao, Pol Pot and Stalin. You support single narrative utopian dictatorship and attack with identity slurs. You claim "constitutional Leftism" exists but don't choose to explain how the Left can fit their principles into conformance with the Constitution. You claim that it is racist to expect blacks to obey white (constitutional and legislated) law.

The Muslim Brotherhood openly plans to seize control of the USA. Leftists are down with that. The Left supports Hamas and hates Jews. The Left illegally provides affirmative action to blacks (a racist condescension) and discriminates against Asians (except for west Asians/Muslims). The Left still supports Antifa, even after its designation as a terrorist group. And of course the Left is focusing on eradication of whites - now focusing on white women.

There is more, always more. But we'll see if you can justify any of this against the US Constitution. Or maybe you'll just continue to make false identity charges (seems to be your "thing" these days).

Stan said...

Fourteenth Amendment:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States,
and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United
States and of the State wherein they reside.

Illegal aliens do not submit to "the jurisdiction" of the country or state which they have invaded - ILLEGALLY, and with the intent of remaining illegal while working below legal wage limits and evading law enforcement. The country and states have the right to deport them and their progeny regardless of where they are born.

This is very clear; the USSC will address this issue if I understand the docket.