Friday, September 13, 2013

The Destruction of Truth

This is what happens when someone has adopted the relativist stance that there are no absolutes, and that truth is relative only to what he wants it to seem to be, at the moment. Because relativism is by definition inconsistent, what is made to seem "true" at one moment can be made to seem not true at another moment, at least from the projected viewpoint of the relativist. To the observer this inconsistency would appear to be purposeful lying. And it fits the definition of lying, when viewed from the outside. No matter how sincere the relativist might be, his contradictions are actually non-truths - lies, however sincerely created.

And here is the rubber meeting the road: we have two leaders of two nations who are taking opposing positions on the mass murders in Syria. Obama claims that the Assad regime did it; Putin claims that the rebels, containing segments of Al Qaeda, did it.

Both are known liars.

Who should we believe?

When truth is abandoned , there is no recourse but to abandon belief of those who have abandoned it. There is nothing that either Obama or Putin can say that can be believed,because they have squandered their own credibility.

So even if one, or both, tells the truth, at this point it won't be accepted as truth. It must be considered to be a lie until another, more reliable, source can be accessed. I'm not sure how that would happen, because the MSM is in the category of "liar" also. It's a fine world, where leaders are automatically discounted as liars.

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Steven Satak said...

I have never, as a general rule, trusted any politician. Some can be trusted, but even they will wryly admit that *they* don't trust politicians. Trust is not the issue. Power and the manipulation of others is what matters here.

Trust in fallen human nature to run true. Trust in the individual to choose the right thing more often than not, and the person who operates in the aggregate to be as heinous as possible.

That's why the Left tries their best to disable, destroy or circumvent the US Constitution. It is pretty much designed to trick rotten human beings into treating each other decently - and keeping them from doing otherwise - while permitting the effective governing of several hundred million people.