Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Have Changed the Commenting Procedure

You now will have to have a google account in order to comment.

Sorry for the inconvenience. When you enter a verdant pasture, you still have to step around the bull shit.


Steven Satak said...

What's prompted the new strictures? Did we have a drive-by trolling? I have seen liberals on Facebook arrange to group-spam the page of someone who disagrees with their comments - however politely.

It's just garbage, hateful spew and insults. No reasoning, you're evil and scum because they said so, and because they arranged to say it a thousand times.

Never mind they fit their own description of your character - they're exempt, as they occupy the moral high ground (they said so) and anyway, you 'deserve it' for being a homophobe.

I know watching this stuff grow is not supposed to disturb me; what do I care if these idiots pass themselves off as fulfilled intellectuals while looking down their noses at the 'ignorant', 'ridiculous', 'bigoted' 'homophobic' 'hateful' 'evil' folks who dare to disagree with them?

What do I care if their 'intellectual' response is to turn up the volume, scream insults and repeat lies over and over and over? I will never meet them, or be affected by them, or interact with them in any meaningful way.

And yet, part of me wants to see justice done. There is a part of me that wants these wretched people to realize we know what they are doing, that it doesn't work and that it eventually turns them into something they really didn't think they were choosing to be at the time...

That is, a failed human being.

Stan said...

It's the same mind-set as bullying: a weakness which seems fulfilled by cowardly actions which are seen as brave or funny by the weak minded.

Robert Coble said...


(I'm trying to see if I can post through the Google+ account, limited blogger profile. 'll know it was successful if the comment appears.)

My apology for testing, but I want to make sure someone else does NOT get a chance to continue to use my name for spurious posts.