Tuesday, April 29, 2014

An Atheist Claim

From an Atheist site called, Humans Are Weird:
"Although atheists don’t have any formally set book of principles to live by or aspire to, most of us, I’d imagine, do have value systems. Beliefs, if you wish. Most of us do believe in being a good person. Definitions of what makes a good person will vary from atheist to atheist. Sure. Atheism doesn’t involve a kind of clean-cut objective benchmark to adhere to; there is no reference point that espouses how one should live a righteous life. Some atheists, myself included, would never want to live a ‘righteous’ life. Some of us don’t even like using the word ‘good’. But why is that a problem? It just means that if you want to find out how the atheist sees the world, you’ll have to ask him."
This is followed by a standard Tu Quoque referencing internal differences within Christianity and Islam. And then,
"Atheism is a (non) structure made by humans, for humans. It is an undefined framework to be constantly built upon, and fine-tuned, for there is no superlative authority on any single matter. It is a way of life that allows the space for your beliefs to grow and evolve, as better knowledge and better wisdom emerges from the shadows of our past.
This is gilding the VOID. Atheism is, in fact, more than a non-structure; it is a launching point out of the Void and into self-involved fantasies of elitism, followed by categorizing the Other into Victims and Persecutors, with the Atheist as the messiah/savior due to his self-perceived superiority, both intellectual and moral. There most definitely is a "superlative authority" which Atheists claim for themselves; they claim "logic" and "evidence". This acquired "superlative authority" is a direct consequence of the Atheist Void. If the Atheist doesn't exhibit it as is claimed here, then perhaps he is still in the Void, without any principles at all.
"To atheists such as myself, atheism doesn’t actually mean shit. It’s not a defining character trait. It’s not an important aspect of my life."
This cannot be the case. It is false. Atheism is the void which removes human value and moral responsibility and replaces them with human accidental existence under evolution, and the inevitability of the Will To Power as the messiahist, elitist, Progressive moral code, which emerges naturally from the do-it-yourself morals of emerging Atheists.
"I write about it often purely because I find ideas relating to beliefs about the supernatural interesting. Atheism means, quite simply, that we don’t credulously subscribe to any single philosophy on how to live life, and that we don’t have an opinion on that which is said to exist but is, really, beyond what’s known to exist. That’s all."
Of course that's all, to the Atheist. To an Atheist, it means nothing, whatsoever, because Atheists have no necessary beliefs in common, except for their superlative authority. So when one encounters an Atheist, one knows precisely that this person could actually believe anything, whatsoever, and believe it with superlative authority. And asking him/her what s/he believes is a fruitless exercise, because the relativism which infects Atheism allows the Atheist to claim anything... whatsoever.

This Atheist concludes,
"My religious friends, there’s no need fear we, the heathens. We’re just like you. We’re just doing what we can to get by. Chuggling along. Singin’ a song. Whacka, whacka, whacka – ice cream cones and pony rides.

Life’s a bitch, and then you die. Let’s try and make it easier, for both you and I.

Chugga-chugga meatball soup – hey!"
No, we are not alike. Not at all. Without any fixed, objective, known, authoritative moral principles - those which do not necessarily match behaviors because they were created to do that, those which are subject to change upon a whim, those which are relative and not fixed due to moral authority - without these characteristics regarding your Atheist "beliefs" there is no reason to believe you, or to trust you. That you either do not understand that, or think that we do not understand that, demonstrates a certain lack of credibility before we even start to know you.


yonose said...


This is a blatantly honest statement about an Atheist, who is also a Narcissist.

Make no mistake, They blame Religious and Agnostic Narcissists, with their own projective behavior.

I've lost hope on arrogant people ages ago. Many of them are quick-minded for the fulfillment of their own desires, and for our advantage, they falsely believe we don't realize about their mishaps, and act like cowards when cornered.

Kind regards.

Anonymous said...

Title should have read ATHEISTS ARE WEIRD:

"Some atheists, myself included, would never want to live a ‘righteous’ life."

Righteous (definition) = morally right
Synonyms = decent,virtuous

Now why would any sane and rational adult NOT want to live a decent and moral life?
It's logical to conclude that an adult who rejects such qualities are either insane,a psychopath or a criminal.

"To atheists such as myself, atheism doesn’t actually mean shit. It’s not a defining character trait. It’s not an important aspect of my life."

So much bs in such few words.If atheism is sooo unimportant then why do atheists write books about it,have websites and talkshows promoting it,have conferences on it and even travel the globe proselytizing this unimportant aspect of their lives?

Steven Satak said...

I believe they prefer to live the 'self-righteous' life. That is, right according to whatever 'right' happens to be today. Or even this minute.

Funny, I just mentioned in another blog that the reason they haven't started rounding up the ideologically unfit in this country is because (1) we all have guns and (2) they don't trust each other not to turn on their own once the killing begins.

They won't take that final step until they can concentrate enough power in one individual that he won't be taken down by another like-minded individual of similar ambition.

So I guess our system of government works after all.