Monday, August 18, 2014

Too Funny!

Huffington Post Reporter in Ferguson Asks if Ear Plugs Are 'Rubber Bullets'

I should be charitable for such errors, but I just can't: this guy knows absolutely nothing about either industrial situations or about guns/bullets. His ignorance is astounding. But he is a reporter for the Left, who probably would have bought the claim that the earplugs really were rubber bullets. I wouldn't mind getting shot with a NERF earplug...

OK, at least he asked before making the claim firm. It's still outrageously funny.

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Robert Coble said...

Apparently this is the same HuffPo reporter who was hassled by the Ferguson cops merely because he was "reporting while black." Perhaps he should check that mirror a little more closely while he's shaving. . . Obviously, he will believe ANYTHING that fits his ideological agenda.