Friday, August 1, 2014

When They Believe Their Own Lies....

Don't Let Republicans Erase Vaginas From Women's Health
What they are referring to is not vaginas, and not women's health. They are referring to killing humans in utero. So the lies are two fold in order to accomplish the killing which they support whole heartedly.

The fact is that women's actual vaginas are taken care of by qualified gynecologists in actual clinics and/or hospitals, completely without interruption, attempt to interrupt, or threat of interruption. And what these people are talking about is not that, it is abortion in abattoirs or by pill.

But this author tries to skew the debate by claiming that her hated opposition wants to deny "women's health" which she now expands to prenatal care, as she is receiving. And here is the old switcheroo:

"...the strategy of erasing the female reproductive system from a larger definition of women’s health is part of a long tradition in conservative politics and policy-making. It’s been in place certainly since 1976, when the Hyde Amendment blocked Medicaid funds from being spent on abortion procedures."

In other words, "women's health" refers to all gynecological issues when she wants it to, and purely to abortion when she wants it to.

She's lying of course; that's what Leftists have to do in order to maintain their worldview.

So to expand the issue, she advocates for eliminating the term, "choice" and instead using "reproductive justice". Yes, that is clarifying the issue.

"Whatever Kellyanne Conway or the Supreme Court says, women’s lives can never be reduced to one prescription or procedure that in turn can be neatly excised from the rest of their lives, the whole of their health. The abortions and IUDS and births and miscarriages and infertility and ability to nurse and care for a child without economic penalty and the big needles—they’re all part of a larger web that you can’t smooth over or obscure, no matter how many ways you try to define the women by ignoring the realities of the bodies they inhabit."

So abortion is now just a part of a larger complaint: injustice, which they will define however it works best for promoting their personal progressivism. And that, as always, means the Will To Power and the Right To Kill, based on the inferior valuation of certain classes of humans.

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Stefani Monaghan said...

""Whatever Kellyanne Conway or the Supreme Court says, women’s lives can never be reduced to one prescription or procedure..."

"... unless, of course, *I'M* the one doing the reducing. In that case, denying employee-subsidies for abortifacients is the same as denying women all access to said abortifacients which is the same as denying women the right to control their own vaginas -- which is to say to force the entirety of women's health back into the Stone Age.

So, yes, it's wrong. But only when Kellyanne Conway does it.

Oh, yeah: QED."