Thursday, December 25, 2014

Lawrence Krauss, Shredded, Courtesy of David Albert

It's been several years that Krauss' book, "Universe from Nothing" has been out, and while Krauss has found love and devotion from Dawkins, he has run into plenty of critical acrimony, even from physicists and certainly from philosophers. That only boosted the hair on the back of Krauss' neck, and he and Dawkins have charged forth even more energetically spreading the darkness of Atheism in their wake.

I missed this 2012 review of Krauss' book in the NYT by David Albert. It is well worth reading, because it gives a succinct synopsis of both Krauss' assertions and the failure of those assertions in light of actual science. That takes understanding the use and limits of science (which Krauss either does not comprehend, or at least refuses to acknowledge) and Albert manages to insert some concise paragraphs which could enlighten Krauss. But apparently did not.

It boils down to Krauss' Atheist evangelism; he might be good at math perhaps (I don't know), but he is very poor at separating his concepts of Truth from blatant ideology. And he is more passionate about his ideology than about truth. Possibly that is what he has in common with Dawkins.


JBsptfn said...

Here is another piece that was done on Krauss's book:

Atheistwatch: Review of Lawrence Krauss's book

Stan said...

Yeah. That's a good compilation and analysis too.