Monday, December 1, 2014

Leftist Class Warfare and Black Race War

Vox Day:
"Postracialism isn't merely one of the many equalitarian unicorns, it is intrinsically opposed to black self-determination. They don't want to be white. They have their own identity, their own pride, and their own culture. And there is nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that it has been forcibly intertwined with white American culture."
I disagree slightly. Blacks can be seen in two groups: one is civilized and westernized in their value system; and the other is permanently self-attached to parasitism. It is just the second group which refuses actual equality-based opportunity. The second group is quite large and is useful to the class warfare being waged constantly by the Left.

Absent class warfare and the constant assurance that they are entitled without responsibility, what would become of the black underclass? Would they pull themselves out, as a community? Or would they descend into ravaging mobs waging their Race War?

There is some indication that a faction of whites is ready for the Race War to begin, and get it over with. The threat of Race War is growing cold, since the burnings and lootings are generally of weakened minority businesses. In other words, the destruction is based in cowardice. One white business in Ferguson was protected by blacks with semiauto weapons, because the owner had helped them; the business was untouched, as the looter/arsonists went around to select the weakest storefronts to attack, regardless of who owned them.

The modern problem of presupposed racism is far different from the actual suppression that existed half a century ago. Today, racism must be manufactured, and the process includes generating false narratives of Micro-Aggressions by whites on the one hand, and demanding "justice" which is actually revenge on the other. Neither of these is a valid case of suppression of blacks. But it serves as the lie repeated often enough.

The narrative is seen in the "hands up, Don't shoot" mantra which has become the chant of the parasite class - despite the fact that it has no bearing in the facts of the Brown case. The truth doesn't matter; the narrative is all that matters.

As Vox goes on to say, the race war, if not against whites now, will be against hispanics and Asians - neither of which is affected by throwing "white guilt" at them, and both of which will not be impressed by the whines of "persecution" coming out of black communities. So if there is to be Race War, they had better get it done soon, while they still have only whites to kill.

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