Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Leftist Profiling by Class

Pedophile Panic at the Salvation Army: No Teen Boys Allowed, Too Dangerous

"When it comes to helping families in need, the Salvation Army turns a cold shoulder to one class of people: Teenage boys. A family in Johnson City, TN, found this out recently when, on a freezing cold night, they asked the organization for shelter. But because their family of five contained a 15-year-old boy, they were turned down.

As the dad, Tim Lejeune, explained to WMC Action News 5:

"They said he's too old to stay on the women's side, because of the women running around in their pajamas and they said he's too young to stay on the men's side in case some pervert wants to do whatever," Lejeune said.

Lejeune says his wife, their 15 year-old son, 16 year-old daughter and five year-old son, all down on their luck, have been living in their car for the last several weeks.

So instead the family headed to their car. The temperature: 18 degrees.


I blame a society so obsessed with sex crimes and predators that it has lost its mind. It cannot imagine a 15-year-old male, chilled to the bone, simply and gratefully sleeping through the night. In our worst-first fantasies, which we give the weight of fact, all young men are either innocent victims about to be violated by predators, or predators eager to prey upon innocent victims."
It's the three class system, everywhere these days: Messiahs, Victims, and Oppressors. It really confuses the class warriors when an individual might be in either the Victim Class or the Oppressor Class. So they just punt: get out. It is no longer possible to be in a separate class: the None of the Above Class.

BTW, teenage boys are actually not an official Victim Class. So they are automatically part of the Oppressor class. Teenage girls, however, fit into the War on Women and Future Rape Victim Class and are easily dealt with by the Messiahs.

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