Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Zaron Burnett III Advises His Readers: Kill All White People

Zaron Burnett III writes:
Kill All White People!
"Personally, I don’t have a problem with white people. I have a white friend. In fact, I have lots of white friends. My mother, she’s white. Honestly, I don’t think white people are the enemy. But still, it’s abundantly clear, we need to kill all white people. We need to rid the earth of whiteness. With the future in mind, I put forth the argument that white people need a rebrand, starting with a new name. We gotta murder the inherently racist concept that we refer to as “white people.”

We keep trying to rename black people, but nothing sticks. Negroes. Colored. Afro-Americans. African-Americans. PoC. It’s all reactionary. They’re nonsensical terms. You know why, right? Because the problem starts with white people. We gotta get rid of them first. As long as there are white people there will always be racism."
The problem is... what? Blacks must never encounter white people, and then they'll prosper? That's not exactly what he means, but almost. He's actually into "White Privilege Theory", meaning that skin tone is the problem, it's the reason blacks can't do or get anything they want. What do they want? To eliminate white skin tone. How?
"As co-father of white privilege theory Ted Allen once said, “whiteness is a traitor to humanity.” This is your moment to put down your whiteness and embrace humanity. Just imagine every man your brother and every woman your sister. Imagine how much easier that would be to deal with. You may think you’re losing power by dropping your whiteness, but you also uncouple your soul from the guilt and shame. It’d be a clean start.
So my white skin confers guilt and shame on me; just due to color. That's what blacks insist about whites: whites are tautologically guilty and shameful.
I’m sure some naysayers and cynics reading this are thinking, “Um, did you forget about ‘Caucasian?’ White people already have a name. Duh.” Really, though? C’mon, now. When was the last time you called a white person a Caucasian? You and I both know the only people using the word “Caucasian” are TV cops. I’m just being real. Those of us who aren’t fictional, we call ‘em white people. And there’s the rub. As long as we call them white people, we’ll always have racism. The problem with white privilege isn’t living, breathing white people; it’s their whiteness."
So in order to get along with blacks, we must behave like we are black. Presumably that means to quit our engineering careers, speak ebonics and wear hoodies and pants down around our knees. And do I think that blacks would accept me if I did that? The chances are zero, and I don't mean the one divided by infinity type of zero approximation, I mean the concept of none as in 3,2,1,zero - the integer. This is fatuous nonsense in the form of impossible rules made up by a black for denigrating whites: pure racism from a black.
"Now, I could cite theory about white privilege. Give you stats that illustrate how and why PoC in America suffer due to a system built upon the foundation of white supremacy. But you’re smart. You see it with your own eyes. You hear it every day in the news cycle. Well this, my friends, is the way out: we kill all white people. We pry open the rusty bonds that chain us to our bloody history of whiteness. We emancipate ourselves, once and for all.

You may be thinking, “But I don’t want to just ditch my race, Zaron. I’m comfortable being white. I know how to do white, man.” Yes, I’m sure you are comfortable. It does sound nice. But it’s still the problem. For the conservative-minded still reading this, I promise you, relinquishing your whiteness won’t make you a traitor to your race. Race is imaginary. It’ll be more like waking up from a centuries-long nightmare."
Race actually is not imaginary, it is the nectar of life for blacks who make the excuses the Burnett III is making. Where race becomes imaginary is when blacks who ignore race go out and join with other humans to pursue common goals. Think of Condoleeza Rice. How is she received in black communities? Not well. Her race becomes important, not to whites, but to blacks.

Burnett III continues by totally misrepresenting the Irish immigration history, and using his own fantasies as Truths for his narrative. He fluctuates between renaming whites and killing them all:
"Since we’re all modern people, perhaps this whole name-changing business would best be decided via reality show. We could call it Kill All White People! Winner gets to pick the new name. Although that could be dangerous, too. If white people got corporate sponsorship, you could end up Walmartians. Maybe a reality show isn’t such a good idea.

…But you know what is?

Kill All White People!"

[Empahsis in original]
Now if someone wrote "kill all black people", hate crime would be asserted immediately, and the feds would arrest the author as soon as they could get through the crowds of torch-bearing protesters, and into the burning house.

That's the difference between black-blacks and whites. And they think that I should shuck my white and become black? They should think carefully about what they are asking for. It might get very hot for them.

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