Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Further Consideration on Islam

The Islamic international OIC program for silencing criticism of Islam actually works in direct opposition to its intended effect. Intending to produce an image of "honor" by muting those who would illuminate the internal realities of Islam, they have instead produced a picture of an international organization dedicated to deception, intimidation and persecution of those who would even discuss the Islamic internal barbarities. How reminiscent of the KGB; produce a Potemkin image of honor by use of fear of personal violence to suppress knowledge of reality.

Given the overwhelming propensity of Muslims to engage in redefining terminology to suit their purposes, as well as the massive and continuous whitewash of Islam, mistrust in anything Muslims say is rational. Coupled with what they do, daily, around the globe, mistrust is rationally multiplied into the rational comprehension that Islam is dedicated to untruth, hegemony, and barbaric methodology not just for non-Muslims, but for Muslims of the "wrong" sect: most of the world.

Despite all the talk about "religion of peace" and whatever benefits Islam brings (such as the obvious 70 virgins for martyring yourself in a vest-bomb), Islam can be seen only in light of its attacks on truth, freedom, and human rights. The thuggery is not local-only, it is supported by international coalitions.

Therefore, it is Islam, all of it, every faction and every Muslim which must be considered either an enemy or a potential enemy of western values, western peoples and all non-Muslims anywhere on the globe.

Further, when the western Left attacks a Fire Chief for his Christian, biblical values, but then defends a Muslim congressman who is being appointed to sensitive congressional committees under the banner of "religious freedom", it becomes evermore apparent that the Left is the same enemy of truth, freedom, and human rights as are Islamics. They are so intertwined as to be indistinguishable, despite their separate ideological planes. They have the same objective, which is the conquest of the world for the establishment of utopia.

Despite their contradictory concepts of utopia, they combine forces (reminiscent of the Allies and the USSR/China in WWII) to defeat their common enemy, rational western culture and government. Only when is that has been accomplished will they find it necessary to battle each other for dominance to establish their own version of utopia, Global Caliphate, or Worldwide New Man.

Unless both Islam and the western Left are marginalized, the battle which they bring to us will be brutish and personal. Not a proper heritage to hand to our progeny.

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