Wednesday, January 21, 2015

An Interesting Thought

Ideas don't need rights; people do.
(from a twitter commenter at Nadim Koteich's page).
What Muslims demand is full protection of a concept - Islam - from encroachment of human free speech. This is the directly contradictory principle which differentiates Islam from the west. But that is changing as the west adopts multicultural political correctness and equality of all cultures, a logical failure which places legitimacy on the claims of Islam within the new western context. But it is internally contradictory to claim that a culture which wishes to silence and conquer all other cultures is equal to those other cultures.

Giving rights, protective or otherwise, to a culture which demands the protection of its own hegemony is both absurd and insane, a virtual plan for cultural suicide.

More on why, under Islam, "We are all ISIS", found here.

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