Monday, January 19, 2015

Headline of the Day

“Go F**k Yourself You Communist Turd” Senator Says To Anti-Free Speech Democrat


Robert Coble said...

Did I miss something?!?

On the accompanying video via the link:


“The abortion issue was also controversial at the time. There were doctors and women being prosecuted, over what were possibly, or obviously, difficult private choices. Back yard abortions were common. I knew some women affected, and could never see how the jackboot of government improved things. I also noticed that those opposed to abortion, or in favor of conscription, were not interested in trying to debate their opponents. Instead, they sought to seize the levers of government, and impose their views on everyone else.“


“But the cause of liberty is challenged in other ways as well. Liberty is eroded when our cherished right to vote is turned into an obligation and becomes a crime when we don’t do it. It is eroded when we are unable to marry the person of our choice, whatever their gender. It is eroded when, if we choose to end our life, we must do it before we become feeble and need help, because otherwise, anyone who helps us commits a crime.“

I stopped the video shortly after this point, so may have missed other affirmations of the standard “liberal” position.

Another love-note from David to Gary:

To: Gary Burns

Dear Gary,

It appears you have not yet acted on my advice. Please do so. Go fuck yourself as soon as possible. The world will be a better place.


David Leyonhjelm

Liberal Democrats Senator for NSW (New South Wales)

Uh-oh. That last line explains a lot. Except, of course, how someone "fucking himself" will "make the world a better place." A variation of onanism will improve the world?!? This is the "liberal" prescription for Utopia?!?

Other than the one-liner Tweet calling Gary Burns a “Communist Turd,” and in spite of the long monologue on John Locke (beginning after 7:05), what value does calling another Senator a “Communist Turd” have when compared to his impassioned and unabashed support for those other “liberal” sacraments: abortion and assisted suicide? Of what value is his slander of those opposed to these “rights” as “not interested in trying to debate their opponents. Instead, they sought to seize the levers of government, and impose their views on everyone else.“?

(I’m still trying to wrap my head around “back yard” abortions. Of course, if you going to have an abortion, you might as well have one in the “back yard” where there’s a “barbie” to dispose of the useless mass of cells during a close-knit family gathering, celebrating a "liberal's right to choose.”)

I charitably assume (and am certainly hoping) that just the title caught your eye, but you did not have time to watch the video. So much blather, so little time, etc.

Even when the "liberals" seem to be expressing a sympathetic viewpoint, NEVER BELIEVE THEM!

Stan said...

Yeah, It was the title. I still haven't watched the video.

Australian politics does remind me of Taiwan, where they throw chairs and try to strangle each other on the chamber floor. Haven't heard them do that for a while, though.