Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Losing Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos is the "Walter Cronkite" of Latino media, they say. If you lose Jorge Ramos, you lose Latinos.

Two questions:
First: What would it take, not to lose Jorge Ramos?

Answer: Ignore the rule of law, just for him. In fact, demanding that Illegals be given legal status in trade for support and votes is just the same as kidnapping a population for ransom. The ransom amounts to ignoring law in order to get elected: you can't get elected, unless you ignore the law, just for Ramos. Ramos and his illegals don't care about American law, or about being law abiding; they ignore it at the borders; Ramos ignores it on the airwaves. What sort of citizens ignore federal laws, openly and without fear of consequences?

Second: Are Latinos unable to think outside the Ramos narrative?

Answer: That remains to be seen. Are there no Latinos in favor of lawful civil order? If there are none, then why would we want any importation of such cavalier anti-legal behavior into the USA? The American Left is also guilty of anti-legal behavior, as they continue to incite the influx of illegals into the united States on the perception of future amnesty for illegal behavior. On that basis, promoting illegality, the Left hopes to get their power back.

Which is worse, losing Jorge Ramos and the open flouting of federal law, or losing the rule of law to scofflaws by keeping Jorge Ramos happy?

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