Friday, January 23, 2015

Network News: Perspectives

TV News Priorities: 68 Minutes for Under-Inflated Footballs, Mere Seconds for Obama's Release of Terrorists

"The three major networks, through Thursday morning, have devoted a staggering 67 minutes and 49 seconds to obsessing over every aspect of whether the New England Patriots cheated in their AFC championship win on Sunday. Yet, only ABC allowed a scant 34 seconds to the Obama administration's release of five terrorists out of Guantanamo Bay and back to areas connected with extremist violence. The contrast is 120-to-1.

NBC was, by far, the most lopsided in terms of journalistic priorities. From Monday through early Thursday, the network's morning and evening shows produced 33 minutes and 35 seconds to the so-called "Deflategate." Last week, however, NBC didn't offer any coverage to the release of five detainees, just seven days after the slaughter of cartoonists in Paris.

ABC came in second, devoting 19 minutes and four seconds to examining every detail of the deflated footballs used in the Patriots win over the Colts. Even reaction to the State of the Union on Wednesday was secondary. Yet the network managed only 34 seconds for Guantanamo. Last Thursday, Good Morning America's Amy Robach briefly related, "Well, the U.S. has freed five more detainees from the prison at Guantanamo Bay. The men were accused of fighting for Al Qaeda."

She ominously noted, "Many of the prisoners were transferred to Oman which shares a border with Yemen, a hotbed of al Qaeda activity." That 16 second story was followed up with an 18 second report on Thursday's World News.

CBS, like NBC, didn't cover the release of the terrorists. Yet, the network focused on Deflategate for 15 minutes and ten seconds. On Wednesday, during a segment on the State of the Union, co-host Gayle King quizzed Vice President Joe Biden: "What do you make of Deflategate, that 11 of the 12 balls allegedly that the Patriots used in that championship game were underinflated. What do you think of that, soft balls?"

Not only did the release of the detainees get almost no coverage, the contrasting football story featured hyperbolic language.

On January 21, GMA's Robin Roberts proclaimed it a "super scandal. On January 22, George Stephanopoulos trumpeted, "The embattled Patriots coach speaking out this morning as more cheating allegations emerge."

World News's David Muir deemed it a "bombshell." A CBS This Morning graphic promoted the story as a "pressure cooker." "
I don't see why anyone who went to high school has any truck at all for football players or football. Men in tights playing with a ball is an absurd activity; it's even more absurd to consider it to be an important activity, and more absurd still to consider it worthy of national news obsession to the detriment of actual national and world crisis reporting.

But it works as cover for obscuring what is really happening.

Obama is closing Gitmo by merely releasing all the terrorists back into their briar patches. Like the Obama loss of Iraq, the Islamic terror war is being bolstered on the side of the Islamic terrorists by Obama's penchant for doing the exact wrong thing every single time.

And the MSM covers for him.


Steven Satak said...

I told ya a few columns back. Pick the most effective action - and then do the opposite.

I am positive this is deliberate. It's happened too many times to be otherwise.

Robert Coble said...

"What do you think of that, soft balls?"

Other than PBHO himself, who better to answer with "soft balls" to "soft ball" questions than Joe Biden?

Even Hillary Clinton has bigger (and harder) balls than Joe Biden.

Here's a link to a highly accurate (and sadly amusing) cartoon regarding the knots that the US administration and the media will tie themselves into, trying to avoid connecting the dots to serious problems:

Just Say It: Radical Islam!

Stefani Monaghan said...

And how much time was given over to reporting on the hundreds of thousands of pro-life marchers who shut down DC again this year?