Monday, January 26, 2015

Obama and Salman

Obama snubs the Israeli Prime Minister and goes instead to meet with the new Saudi king, Salman - who is anti-semitic, and funds terror groups in Afghanistan. Makes perfect sense, IFF you are an anti-rational, anti-American, class-warrior president of the USA.
Stalin, Muhammad and Obama

"But leftists need a utopia, a fantasy heaven on earth, to comfort them and to give their lives purpose. Robbed of the Soviet dream, the forlorn left was in need of a new redeemer.

Welcome, Comrade Usama! The left—and young Barack Obama -- already saw Islam as an oppressed religion, the noble faith of the wretched of the earth, while casting Christianity and Judaism in the role once occupied by capitalist imperialists: that of oppressors. Bin Laden gave the left a new torch to carry. While it remained necessary to condemn terrorism in public, the left simultaneously justified it in a globalized version of the Marxist construct of a class struggle.

Really, didn’t American deserve 9/11?

Islamism fit the left like a tailored glove. Just as Western Reds didn’t need to endure life in the Soviet Union (“Pass the foie gras, Comrade!”), so today’s leftwing cadres need not actually live in the Middle East or North Africa. From the comfort of Cambridge or the splendor of California’s coast, they can rationalize radical Islam, a creed that would, if imported here, exterminate them as surely as Comrade Stalin would have purged the old American left.

The staff of Charlie Hebdo? Stalin would have killed those pranksters, too. The only difference is that “Uncle Joe” would have gotten them all.

When you take the long view, it’s disheartening (to put it mildly) that the Western left simply cannot live without dreaming of an impossible utopia to be imposed by one ideology or another on the rest of us. Radical Islam? It’s a “religion of peace.” Just as Soviet Communism was an ideology of peace, justice and brotherhood.

So President Obama’s just playing by the time-honored rules, substituting Muhammad for Josef Stalin or Mao: Never criticize the Party. Ignore the facts. If the facts can’t be ignored, deny or twist them. No matter what, stick to the script (let them laugh for now, they’ll see soon enough...). And anyone who strays one inch must be neutralized, whether as a Trotskyist yesteryear or slandered as an Islamophobe today."

[Emphasis added]
The communist connection in Obama's juvenile training is unassailable; and his killing of Osama can be seen as accommodating the martyring of a middle-eastern hero and legend at the hands of the hegemonic western Satans. When taken in their overarching historical completeness, these things start to make sense. It is no secret that Barack and Michelle hate the USA, even while profiting from it (as are their friends). So it is completely in line that they would also hate other self-sufficient western nations, like Israel, especially those who are in conflict with the Victimhood of poor, defenseless Islam.

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