Thursday, January 15, 2015

Plain Speaking on Islam: Bobby Jindal

For this article I recommend going directly there, and reading the entire two pages.
Jindal to Bash Hillary's 'Mindless Naiveté' in London Speech
And Declare 'Islam Has a Problem.'
I haven't followed Jindal, but I will. In the race for president I can't get behind many of the pols who are running. Certainly not Bush or Rubio who support amnesty for illegals. Nor Romney who had his chance. Scott Walker probably but he's not known to the information-poor voter. So far, there's no golden boy like Obama was for the Dems.

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Robert Coble said...

May I suggest Dr. Ben Carson for consideration, IF he actually runs?

I'm sick to death of faux "conservatives" pushed on the voters by the establishment Republicans.

Just as I have posted about other misuses of terminology, the establishment "conservatives" ARE totally about "conserving" - their own positions and privileges of power in elected office for life.

What is the "downside" of Dr. Carson?

He is NOT a professional politician (as if that is a disqualifier). He has never held elective office. As a consequence, he does not have any concept of how gargantuan and unwieldy (unresponsive?) the Federal Leviathan has become. (I have a career of experience inside the belly of the beast, and I assure you, it is MUCH WORSE than you can imagine.) If he were to WIN (miracle of miracles), he will need every bit of his legendary intelligence to "get up to speed." I think the man is capable of doing just that. Perhaps it's time to consider giving someone from outside the political establishment a chance to govern, and see what happens. Hmmmm, it seems like at the beginning of this Republic that there were quite a few more doctors representing the voters than there are now. Maybe a return to the concept of actual SERVICE by those elected to public office is just what the Doctor ordered.

Please note: I am NOT a supporter of Dr. Carson because he is the Republican version of the "Magic Negro." I could care less that he is black. I've read his books and admire the man's intelligence and grasp of the problems facing this country. Most importantly, he doesn't pretend to have already worked out solutions to those problems. He seems to have no "goal" of "fundamentally transforming America" (here's the application of kitman by Obama, trained in a Muslim madrassa:) INTO A THIRD-WORLD COUNTRY. Contrary to Obama, Dr. Carson's story is virtually a Horatio Alger story of "rags to riches," almost a textbook example of the opportunities available through hard work to the most disadvantaged.

He seems like a pretty decent person. For that very reason, I almost hope he does NOT run. He will be excoriated by the Democrats. Every facet of his life will be under the media microscope, in the hopes that some small detail can be found with which he can be destroyed. After all, he has NOT remained on the Democrat plantation where he is supposed to be a lifetime member because, MINORITY, don't you know.

I can see the screaming headlines now:


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