Saturday, January 17, 2015

Quickly Currying Favor With Islamics

Obama speaks out of the far, far Left side of his face:
Europe needs to better integrate Muslim communities: Obama

"Europe must do more to better integrate its Muslim communities, and not "simply respond with a hammer", US President Barack Obama said Friday in the wake of last week's terror attacks in France.

"Our biggest advantage, major, is that our Muslim populations - they feel themselves to be Americans," Obama told a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

"There are parts of Europe in which that's not the case. And that's probably the greatest danger that Europe faces... it's important for Europe not to simply respond with a hammer and law enforcement and military approaches to these problems."
...he said less than 6 months after Ferguson, and even less time after NYC demonstrations against police. It's not that he has a tin ear for his own stupid talk (he does, but that's not the problem here). He just doesn't care a bit about Europe, its people or its leaders. He's playing straight to Muslims everywhere.

This is hot on the heels of attacking congress with the news that he will veto any new sanctions on Iran. Remember that the "treaty" with Iran is still secret; we don't know what he agreed to with the Mullahs/Imams. As with all Leftists, its difficult to tell whether he is really a "near Islamic" or whether he fears them so much that he will give them anything and everything.

At any rate, he is bowing low and lower in their direction every day.

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Steven Satak said...

Obama's stance is simple, Stan.

At least that's how I see it.

Think of the most effective response; the one that is most likely to:

- preserve the Union
- enhance our standing with our allies
- inspire respect and/or fear in our avowed enemies
- reduce or eliminate hatred and hard feelings among our own citizens
- conserve our resources, replacing or replenishing the stock we take from the planet we live on
- show some respect for the generations unborn.

Once you have arrived at that course of action - DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE.