Thursday, February 26, 2015

Leftist Race War: Democrat blames Segregation On Republicans, Who Fought It Orignally Against Democrats Who Created It

Dem Rep: ‘Tea Party People’ Want To Bring Back Segregation, Get Rid Of Women’s Rights

"Democratic Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver said during a Democratic town hall this weekend that he would defend against “Tea Party people” who want to go back to a time of segregation and no women’s rights. (VIDEO: Dem Rep: GOP Still Believes In Slavery, ‘Racial Superiority’)"
It's not clear that Democrats are stupid, it is possible that Cleaver, for example is just vastly ignorant. But it's also possible that he is evil, spreading the exact opposite of truth to the Democrat's black plantation captives.

Black persecution historically has ALWAYS been at the hands of the Democrats.

The Leftist Class Warriors repeat the opposite lie constantly, and apparently the Democrat Ghetto Plantation population believe it. Ignorance, controlled by evil, is powerful. That's the entire principle behind government Leftist education machinery: maleducate, control the maleducated, profit from it.

Maybe Cleaver is all of these things: an evil liar, controlling the maleducated.

Here's Charlie Rangel, claiming Republicans want slavery and racial superiority to return. On what basis does he say that? Just himself, that's all.

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