Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We Knew Obama Would Give Iran The Nuclear Bomb

The only question has been, "how would he do it"?
Historic US-Iran nuclear deal could be taking shape

"GENEVA (AP) — Edging toward a historic compromise, the U.S. and Iran reported progress Monday on a deal that would clamp down on Tehran's nuclear activities for at least 10 years but then slowly ease restrictions on programs that could be used to make atomic arms.

Officials said there were still obstacles to overcome before a March 31 deadline, and any deal will face harsh opposition in both countries. It also would be sure to further strain already-tense U.S. relations with Israel, whose leaders oppose any agreement that doesn't end Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to strongly criticize the deal in an address before Congress next week.

Still, a comprehensive pact could ease 35 years of U.S-Iranian enmity — and seems within reach for the first time in more than a decade of negotiations.

"We made progress," U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said as he bade farewell to members of the American delegation at the table with Iran. More discussions between Iran and the six nations engaging it were set for next Monday, a senior U.S. official said.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the sides found "a better understanding" at the negotiating table."
The entire Obama administration are treasonous to the west, western values, and western peoples, and are bent on total destruction of Israel by proxy. Their values are congruent with both those of the Marxist class-warriors of the Left, and with Islamic hegemonic destruction of rational western values.

This is more than arming the enemy; it is arming the not-so secret ally of the treasonous Leftist/Islamist nexus.

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