Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Why I Won't Vote For Jeb Bush

Politics is a big money game. No one without huge money can even get noticed. And that's what is wrong with this:
Jeb Bush’s eye-popping event: $100K per ticket

"NEW YORK — Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will raise money on Wall Street on Wednesday at an eye-popping $100,000 per-ticket Park Avenue event hosted by private equity mogul Henry Kravis and his wife.

The price of admission to the event, which will raise funds for Bush’s “Right to Rise” super PAC, surprised even Wall Street veterans used to high-dollar fundraisers.

The event comes as Bush continues a shock and awe approach to early 2016 fundraising that people close to the campaign say could eventually see the former governor reach a total of between $50 million and $100 million between the super PAC, a traditional political action committee and an eventual presidential campaign.

Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell declined to comment on the price of the Kravis fundraiser, the second event the private equity titan has held for Bush."
Just what we need: another president in total thrall to Wall Street.


JBsptfn said...

People who vote for Jeb Bush should be deported to the worst country possible.

Rikalonius said...

This is becoming worse than the end of the Roman Republic when it comes to the aristocratic inner circle. Like you, Stan, I will NEVER cast a vote for Jeb Bush. The Boehn-heads in the Republican part better get it through their thick, check-pants, skulls that we are tired of this crap or they will never win again.