Monday, March 9, 2015

A Logical Consequence of Discriminatory Non-Discrimination and Exclusionary Inclusion

Planet Fitness cancels woman's membership after her complaints of transgender woman in locker room
"MIDLAND, MI -- A Midland County woman's gym membership was canceled after she refused to stop telling fellow gym members "a man" was using the woman's locker room.

Yvette Cormier said the incident occurred Saturday, Feb. 28, when she entered the women's locker room at the Planet Fitness location at 701 Joe Mann Boulevard in Midland.

"I was blocked, because a man was standing there," Cormier said. "It freaked me out because, why is a man in here?"

Cormier said an employee at the front desk told her that the individual identifies as a woman.

After taking her complaints to Planet Fitness' corporate office, Cormier said she was told that the gym was a "no judgement zone" and they would not tell the individual in question to stay out of the women's locker room. The person has not been identified.

The slogan "Judgement Free Zone" is regularly used by Planet Fitness"
Having your gonads removed and replaced by a fake vaginal void, and being aslosh with estrogen dosing does not make one into a woman. Worse, "identifying" oneself as a woman does not make one into a woman. That process produces a modified man who is still a man, but modified.

But the worst is the logical failure of declaring the statement, "there is a man in the women's locker room", to be a judgment call, when it is actually an empirical observation.

The customer is better off out and away from Planet fitness; her presence there is of less value to the management than that of the sexually confused individual. And that is the management's form of value judgment, put on display.

There is one caveat, though. It is possible that the management fears legal reprisal from the tranny (which would have traction as a hate crime these days), and does not fear any such legal action by this cisgendered ex-customer who has little legal leverage. That is reverse discrimination, of course, and is caused by the unequal laws now in force.

So at bottom, the "no judgment zone" produces discrimination against actual women in favor of modified men.


Robert Coble said...

How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg.

Abraham Lincoln

Modern-day version:

What do you call a man who has his penis surgically removed and transplanted into his forehead? A man. Calling himself a unicorn doesn't make him one.

Stefani Monaghan said...

When an SSM proponent raises the standard infertile or post-menopausal couple objection, I like to ask:

My Chevy has a broken carburetor. My kitchen table has wheels. Which one is not a car?

I've never had the opportunity to use the follow-up question -- "But the state has issued a license for my kitchen table; that makes it a car!" -- because rather than addressing the analogy they always choose to take offense at it. Thereby demonstrating they understand it.

Stan said...

Yes, they do understand. But they are anti-logical and anti-rational. What matters to them is the continued assertion of their "elitist" anti-rational hegemony over normal people.

Phoenix said...

Speaking of modified men and their slightly odd behavior.Here's an article of a mother who acted as a surrogate for her gay son's child.Yup,you guessed it.The baby's brother is his father and his grandmother is his mother.I bet no soapy writer ever thought of this.

Stan said...

There's an old country/folk/bluegrass song: "I am my own Grandpa" by Ray Stevens:

Many, many years ago when I was twenty-three
I was married to a widow who was pretty as could be
This widow had a grown-up daughter who had hair of red
My father fell in love with her and soon they too were wed

This made my dad my son-in-law and really changed my life
For now my daughter was my mother, 'cause she was my father's wife
And to complicate the matter, even though it brought me joy
I soon became the father of a bouncing baby boy

My little baby then became a brother-in-law to dad
And so became my uncle, though it made me very sad
For if he were my uncle, then that also made him brother
Of the widow's grownup daughter, who was of course my step-mother

Father's wife then had a son who kept them on the run
And he became my grandchild, for he was my daughter's son
My wife is now my mother's mother and it makes me blue
Because although she is my wife, she's my grandmother too

Now if my wife is my grandmother, then I'm her grandchild
And every time I think of it, it nearly drives me wild
'Cause now I have become the strangest 'case you ever saw
As husband of my grandmother, I am my own grandpa

I'm my own grandpa, I'm my own grandpa
It sounds funny, I know but it really is so
I'm my own grandpa

Phoenix said...

Just saw the Ray Stevens clip on You Tube,catchy and funny.