Saturday, March 28, 2015

Documenting the Atheist VOID and Its Consequences

A Look At The Classic Acquisition of the Atheist Void
“After just a few lectures my professors effectively proved my whole life a lie. They tore down my very carefully constructed ideals about Faith, God and everything else with their knowledge, reasoning and crystal clear logic. Try as I might, I couldn’t help but start questioning every single notion about, in my own personal case, the Christian Faith. I questioned every single thing I ever learnt in Sunday school, everything my parents taught me. Essentially everything I had ever known up until that point in life. I was beyond saving. No measure of bible verse reading, praying or church going could ever possibly duct-tape together the tiny cracks I started seeing appear and growing larger in my Faith.”

“And these are the things no one ever tells you about atheism. It is hell.”
The reason that it would be hell is that this person was deconstructed, he was NOT taught to think. Thinking would require objective questioning which is addressed with disciplined deductions which are based in grounds which are self-evident, even to Atheist “philosophers”. Even though logic and self-evidence are known to Atheist philosophers, they do not use those in determining their worldviews, nor in indoctrination of naïve students. They use fallacy-ridden demolition of ecclesiastic positions, much of which is imaginary, cartoons which are not, in fact, theism. They invoke Scientism; they invoke Philosophical Materialism; they invoke the hatred of authority and the freedom of rebellion, even random rebellion against history of humanity and thought, except for Atheist ideology.
“My friends and family were quick to tell me that I’m simply not believing hard enough, or that God is testing my belief in him. But what kind of a capricious God picks out one of his so-called children at random and decides to test them whether or not they actually love him? That answered all my doubts: Christianity was not a place I wanted to be. And I paid dearly for that.”
Here his rebellion gells against an external authority based on his dislike of what he projects onto the authority. I will not put up with that, followed by, It must be irrational since I don’t like it.
“Atheists are too often advertised as sinful people, people who can’t be bothered enough about religion to try, or are too lazy to subscribe to a set of rules and a belief system. What this advertisement does not show is the constant doubt every single person of non-belief secretly harbors."
Two more naïve failures here. First, Atheists are not classified in that manner; they are thought to have fully rejected external authority in order to gain the total freedom and anarchy of behaviors and thought which Atheism promises – and delivers. It is not the case that “every single person” experiences the doubt of Atheism. My experience with Atheists suggests the contrary: Atheists are arrogantly certain of their position as the most elite existence in the multiverse. And that leads to their opinion that they should dominate the weak-minded herd, and it is the source of the Class War which is the current culture war in western nations of today.
“It may not be blatantly obvious, but it is always lingering. This doubt does not stem from whether or not we should believe, we know the answer to that already. This doubt stems from the question: so what now?”
That’s a different twist, and yet still rings false. When Atheists leave the Atheist VOID, it's overwhelmingly in the direction of the Left, as Messiah Class culture warriors. That’s “what now”.
“Deciding to become an atheist throws you into an epic existential storm, because you are quite unceremoniously ripped from your whole belief and value system. You come to live your life in a certain way, so as to subscribe to the norms and demands of your Faith, but when that disappears, you no longer have some imaginary fairy in the sky telling you how to live, you need to do that for yourself.

This was at once the single-most terrifying and liberating experience I have ever had. But I got to rebuild my life and value system in a way that seemed honest and true to me and only me, not the priest, not my parents, not the fairy in the sky, only me. Selfish? Perhaps. Satisfying? Fuck yes.“
This is a classic Atheist’s description of having entered the Atheist VOID, and then exited the VOID by creating his very own, personal value system that seemed “true to him”. That can be interpreted to mean creating a system which is “congruent with my personal taste in behaviors” for application to myself until I change them. THAT is freedom.
“So do it. Come over to the grey side if you feel like it. If you don’t, that’s cool too, but please do not ever feel like this should be base don anyone’s feelings other than your own.”
Make up your own rules, it’s liberating and wonderful not to have actual external constraints on behaviors or thoughts: just do it your own way; personal anarchy is freeing.
“Stop listening to the believers, who are secretly just jealous of all the non-marital sex and bacon anyway.”
This is one of the most stupid statements… ever.
“Stop listening to the non-believer radicals, they are bound to make you bitter and sad. Listen to yourself.”
Absolutely: the Atheist dogma. Listen only to yourself. You become supreme, with unlimited access to truth because you are supreme. That’s how being supreme works. Above all, ignore all theist arguments, they'll just confuse you and annoy you. Supreme beings don't need that.
“Believe what you believe.”
Another candidate for most stupid statement ever.
“In a World full of Faith debates and debacles, this is the only thing that matters.”
And still another candidate. This author is a veritable gold mine of such candidates.

That’s the intellectual and moral result of the Atheist VOID: free to believe any thought you might have, without self awareness or critical logical analysis. Completely free. Believe what you believe, because that's what is true to you.

I thank the author for documenting this passage through the rabbit hole called the Atheist VOID.


Steven Satak said...

I guess the rest of us believers in Christ just lack the moral fibre to plunge ourselves into hell in order to dispense with all that fake religious crap.

Of course, replacing worship of God with worship of one's own self is also a mixed bag. On the one hand, you now know for a fact, without any doubt, your God is full of shit.

On the other hand, you can make up any rules of behavior you like, and change them by the day, the hour or the minute. Your God automatically backs you - because he IS you - and who's gonna tell you you're wrong? Other people? But you're smarter than them, right? That makes what they say just so much nonsense, delusional at best, hateful at worst.

What proves you're smarter? Why, you gave all that Christian bullshit. Why did you give all that Christian bullshit? Because you're smarter than the average Jesus-freak.

First they lift themselves up by their own suspenders, and try to force us to call it flying.

Failing that, they join the Left, if they ever join anything, because if anyone can force other people to swallow crap against their will, it will be the Left.

And it has to be against their will, because doing it WITH their will has no crunch, no feeding of the Leftist ego. If you cave on your sky-daddy, they will always come up with another thing, even more outrageous, to force down your throat. Eventually it WILL come down to 'two plus two equals five'.

You WILL kneel before Zod. You, and all your heirs. And who does Zod worship but himself?

Phoenix said...

Stop listening to the believers, who are secretly just jealous of all the non-marital sex and bacon anyway.”

This is the Atheists answer to living a "meaningful" life.Just satisfy your most base pleasures as much as possible until your last breath.

JBsptfn said...

I like the statement about pre-marital sex and bacon.

For one, pre-marital sex really isn't a sin in the Bible. The word Fornication really shouldn't be there, but is put in the Bible to describe any adulterous act against God. In Corinth, people had sex with temple prostitutes to worship fertility gods. The sex wasn't wrong, but worshipping a false god is.

And, as far as bacon is concerned, not eating that was part of the old law that was nailed to the cross and fulfilled. Atheists really seem to be obsessed with the old covenant.