Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ideological Journalism is NOT a Victimless Crime

How the racist leftist journalistic war left Ferguson bereft:
Journalistic liars cost 8,000 households $250 million in Ferguson

"I am sure Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post felt warm and fuzzy when he posted, " ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie."

Admitting his mistake is a start.

When will he pony up some money to help the 8,192 households in Ferguson, Missouri, recover the approximately $250 million in lost property values caused by his sloppy journalism and to be blunt, racism?

Jonathan Capehart is not alone in repeating this outrageous lie, of course, but before he pats himself on the back for finally admitting the truth, four months after the truth came out, how about some cash. This is a tort. Jonathan Capehart, Comcast (through MSNBC) and dozens of other news organizations made stacks of money by repeating a lie for months.

They should pay.

Ferguson, Missouri, was an inner suburb of St. Louis in August when the media began repeating the lie that Michael Brown, 18, was "hunted down" (to use the words of Comcast's Al Sharpton) by a racist white cop.

Today it is a shambles.

From Fusion:

The average selling price of a home in the city has been on a steady decline since the shooting of Brown last August, according to housing data compiled from MARIS, an information and statistics service for real estate agents. Prior to Brown’s death, the average home sold in 2014 was selling for $66,764. For the last three and a half months of the year, the average home sold for $36,168, a 46 percent decrease.

The trend has continued on through this year, with the average home selling for only $22,951 so far in 2015. Another negative indicator: in the eight and a half months leading up to Brown’s death, the average residential square foot in 2014 was selling for $45.82. In the eight and a half months since Brown’s passing, the average residential square foot in the city has sold for $24.11. That’s about a 47 percent downtick in one of real estate’s core indicators.

“This is not normal for the region,” says Crista Patton, a local REMAX real estate agent who helped get these numbers for Fusion. “Last time I pulled up numbers like this for a neighborhood around here, we were seeing the market going up,” she says. “In St. Louis in general, the market is going up, and as a whole it’s almost completely recovered from the recession.”

That is a loss of $30,000 per home for the 8,192 households of Ferguson -- or one quarter-billion dollars -- $250 million."
The DOJ report fully exonerates Officer Wilson, who was found to have been truly fighting for his own life at the hands of a huge black youth grappling for control of the officer's pistol.

The actions of all the Leftist politicians, including Obama and Holder, and the professional black agitators like Sharpton and Jackson, who flooded Ferguson with pity and rage for the dead youth and hatred for the police have left the previously poor population of Ferguson much poorer.

But those responsible will never be held responsible in any meaningful sense, because they are the Messiahs of the Class War on the Oppressors, and they cannot, as Messiahs, be wrong when they invoke their race war on innocent whites.

As for Holder's report on racism in Ferguson's infrastructure, the report itself is suspect due to comments like this one, highlighted at CNN:
"He [Holder] pointed to the use of excessive force overwhelmingly against African-American residents, noting that only African-Americans were bit by police dogs, and said "no alternative explanation" except racial bias exists to explain it."
For Holder, there is no chance of the consideration that blacks in Ferguson might exhibit different behaviors than whites toward police just because the police are mostly white. For Holder, a racist himself, black racism is either non-existent or perfectly justifiable, never criminally causal. And his failure to connect the riots to the incitement of professional agitators from outside Ferguson demonstrates a further racial bias in the report. In fact, the riots and rioter/looters are excused:
"Attorney General Eric Holder said a "highly toxic environment" existed between Ferguson police officers and the city's African-American residents before Wilson shot and killed Brown last year.

"It's not difficult to imagine how a single tragic incident set off the city of Ferguson like a powder keg," Holder said."
It is possible, even likely, that the Ferguson infrastructure is, indeed, racially oriented. But a second, unbiased opinion is badly needed, because no other conclusion could be expected from Holder's classist, racist DOJ.

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