Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Hierarchy of Designated Victimhood

Professor K.C. Johnson was subjected to an attempted shout-down by Leftist students asserting their moral authority over whatever he might say, before he said it. That's unremarkable since that tactic is the usual totalitarian approach of the Left - silence all opposition and remove the Right to Free Speech before even hearing what the speech entails.

But the following bit is worth remarking on. Suspicions confirmed: there is a hierarchy within the classifications of Victimhood which are created and maintained by the AtheoLeftist Messiah Class.

Prof. K.C. Johnson:
"An early mentor of mine on the issue of campus due process once commented that while the race/class/gender trinity dominates the contemporary academy, gender always trumps class, and race always trumps gender. That was true in the lacrosse case, when nearly a year after the lacrosse players’ party, a white Duke student named Katie Rouse said she had been raped by an African-American man at a party. (The suspect eventually pled guilty.) Not a single member of the Group of 88, the professors who had been so eager to proclaim the lacrosse players’ guilt when the accuser was a black woman, publicly spoke up on behalf of Rouse. Race trumped gender, even for these self-styled anti-rape faculty members.

For the Ohio protesters, by contrast, it seems clear that gender trumped race. To the extent this view reflects that of other activists, the anti-due process movement could have far broader effects on the campus at large."
So, it's in this order:
1.) Race: Not all races, just blacks and hispanics. Asians need not apply.
2.) Feminists: gender victims;
3.) Class: not defined here. Aren't all these designations actually classes? Perhaps it's purely Marxian classes: poor vs. rich?

Oppressor Classes therefore must follow the narrative hierarchy to some extent:
1. all whites;
2. all males of all races, but especially white males;
3. All whites, all males, especially white males, and all humans who are not poor.

This leaves only poor, non-white females, if the calculus is correct. But this has failed to account for LGBTQSKJEOSPOLHLNOBVD>B+, who trump all other Victimhood Classes. This is proven by the campus Safe Places which accommodate only sexual deviant Victimhood Groups, whatever their sexual deviancy might be. The Victimhood classes denoted above are not invited into those Safe Places. So presumably those Victimhood Classes are actually Oppressor Classes from the viewpoint of the LGBTQSKJEOSPOLHLNOBVD>B+.

And there is this: due process is oppressive because finding a Victimhood Class person guilty of false accusation (false assertion of victimhood), and an Oppressor Class person innocent (no oppression) is a morally reprehensible outcome due to invalidating the Class Designations. As always with the AtheoLeft, the Narrative trumps everything - ESPECIALLY logic and rational thought. Thus the presumption of guilt immediately upon accusation and automatic conviction of the unproven crime is essential.

The question I have is this: how many of these irrational psychos exist, on campus and off, students, instructors and voters in general?

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