Wednesday, March 4, 2015

To Fight Anti-Semitism

I receive many emails daily regarding various programs needing support. Some I do, some I do not. This program is important because of the escalating hate climate coming from the Left: anti-Semitism is becoming virulent in the Left, and colleges and universities are breeding grounds. I am not soliciting for this program, so much as creating awareness of the seriousness of the issue. I feel that this hatred must be stopped at its source.
"From David Horowitz, Freedom Center:

Yes, it can happen here.

Jew Hatred is running rampant in America's universities. According to a new report by the Brandeis Center for Human Rights, 54% of all Jewish students, liberals and conservatives, have seen or been subjected to anti Jewish harassment. This is a cancer on our campuses and the Freedom Center is working to cut it out.

Our target is the Students for Justice in Palestine, a Jew hating and terrorist loving organization that supports Hamas and the destruction of the Jewish State and the extermination of the Jewish people.

As part of my campaign to educate the public about this hate group, the Freedom Center put up posters dramatizing its outrages at the ten most anti Semitic campuses in the country. The objective of these posters is to wake up students, alumni and administrators as to the truth about the SJP.

This is not just another campus protest group. This is an organization dedicated to genocide. Colleges must stop funding and stop giving official recognition to the SJP. That is why we have launched this campaign.

But rooting out the Jew haters won't be easy.

What has happened at UCLA in the past couple of days is indicative of the hypocrisy and double standards that Jewish students and supporters of Israel face. After the Freedom Center put up its posters there, it was immediately accused of "vandalism" by UCLA authorities and is under investigation by UCLA campus police for "defacing university property."

Students for Justice in Palestine harasses and intimidates UCLA students who are Jewish or who defend Israel's right to exist and UCLA responds by accusing us of some petty bureaucratic offense! This enabling of hatred shows, in a nutshell, why anti Semitism is ravaging campuses all across our country.

SJP habitually violates UCLA's "Principles of Community," which forbid discrimination and bigotry against any religious or ethnic group. Yet UCLA authorities, ever vigilant when a charge of "Islamophobia" is made, turn a blind eye to these violations when SJP is the perpetrator. Worse, UCLA authorities actively support SJP's bigotry, providing it with extensive campus privileges, including student funding for its events. These events have featured notorious anti-Semites such as Abdel Malik Ali, whom even the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center admits "promotes anti-Semitism, violence and conspiracy theories."

The David Horowitz Freedom Center will not cooperate with the UCLA police investigation in this matter until administrators begin to enforce their own Principles of Community and related rules and regulations according to a single standard, and withdraws its financial support for hate groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine.

This is our line in the sand. "
Please note the Islamophilia involved, and the inaction to protect Jews.

The following is a solicitation. Don't read it if you find that offensive.
"It will not surprise you to know, as has happened so many times in the past, that I am heading into this battle alone. I know others will follow once we are on the barricades; they always do. But allies are very hard to find when we take the first steps into the battle. That is why I need your help as I begin the fight against Jew hatred on campus.

We are bracing for a possible legal fight and we need to provide security for the speakers we intend todefender of Hamas and orchestrator of Jew hatred whatever the cost. We must be prepared for a bitter struggle to the end with this genocidal group whose mere existence is an insult to everything our universities should stand for.

We must not lose and we must not back down.

This is our chance to stop the Jew hatred sweeping through our college campuses in its tracks. But I need your help. If you could make a donation today of $25, $50, $100 or even more, that would give me the ammunition I need to continue this fight.

Thank you for all you do for the Freedom Center and for our country.

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