Monday, March 30, 2015

ZoNation: I Am A New Fan

I had not looked into ZoNation before now; that's my loss. I'll rectify that.

When I say these same things I get charged with racism. But they are precisely true. I'm pleased that there is such a forceful voice which cannot be charged with racism and which can so emphatically say what is true. The Left uses race (and other class warfare) by keeping entire demographics dependendent, rather than promoting them to be independent, strong, and individuals under their own power and control. And they have had four generations which they have indoctrinated as being their friend, when in reality they are the same old racist, masters and elitists that they have always been, ever since the infancy of the nation.

I'm not sure that Republicans - once the liberators of blacks, and the bestowers of their Civil Rights Acts - are any longer viable as actual friends of suppressed blacks. "Civil Rights" has backfired into welfare dependency, degrading affirmative action, and political correctness which has destroyed education. There needs to be a new civil right attached to personal development of character, intellect, and moral choice. But how could that ever happen?

Only through voices like AlfonZo's - and louder - could it ever produce results.

BTW, I still recommend this book.

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