Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Another Observation: How the Left is Just Like The KKK

The underlying premise of today's feminism is that "men are rapists". That is the basis for the Erdely/Rolling Stone worldview of a culture of rape (despite evidence to the contrary). Even if this rape didn't happen, the punishment is just because they are men, and thus rapists regardless of whether they acted on it. The mob was loosed, the fraternity was attacked.

This is identical to the Democrat KKK lynchings of black males who "looked at a white woman". It comes from the same side of the aisle, the same mentality, the ideological descendents of the oppressors of a century ago. They are identical in their moral superiority of their -ism, whether racism or sexism. They are consumed with their own vaunted identities in a presupposed class system that exists in their hate-filled minds. They are unapologetic for their oppression of those who they hate. They are undeterred by the revelation of their shameful actions, because they have no shame.

The AtheoLeft is the direct descendant of the Ku Klux Klan, inside the same political faction. Their fiery crosses in the front yard are now on-line bullying, shaming, condemnations and physical threats (burn down the pizza parlor) designed to terrorize and destroy. Many of their posse still retain the anonymity of the white robes, only now in the form of anonymous threats over the web. They are, at base, cowards; yet they insist on their superiority in all ways to sane people.


Steven Satak said...

Well, as John Wright pointed out, the whole reason they act they way they do is because they are trying to avoid shame for what they do by destroying anything that could hold them to a higher standard. In many cases, they react by trying to destroy the standard itself.

After all, if standards are all subjective in nature, then no one is any more or less 'right' than anyone else. It all boils down to who has the biggest knife - in other words, the Law of the Jungle. Heady stuff coming from our self-annointed intellectual moral superiors.

That this causes the shame-avoider to self destruct in the end is not really an issue. They want what they want, and will kill or die before they submit. Doesn't matter what is left behind, because as far as they are concerned, the world ends when they do.

As I have pointed out before, it's all about ego. It's why they hate Christians so deeply... we know what Fallen means and know that we have been given a chance to save ourselves. They know what it means, too, but they *will not* give in. So they try to tear Him down.

Christian said...

The rolling stone article got retracted I believe. Unfortunately the damage it did was already done. It was horrible journalism and we can just hope that the people responsible get their due justice.

Christian said...

Now after my agreement about rolling stone, I need to address some points.

Why do you equate atheists who are on the left(liberal?) with the KKK? Do you not see how that is a false equivocation and one that may upset people. Would it not be better to call them something else like Libtards, or anything else which does not associate them with a racist hate organization?

BTW, I am not liberal or democrat or conservative. I vote based on policies and whoever has the best policies thats the person I vote for.

Phoenix said...

@ Christian

The Atheist Leftist reminds me of that documentary I once saw on healthy gay men chasing the HIV bug.
The Atheist Lefitist (AtheoLeft) is obsessed with destroying themselves,in particular,their white-culture and their ancestral lands and wish to see it be overun by third world immigrants.They hate their race and identity and they will side with any group (like Islamic terrorists)to eradicate it.
The KKK hates all people of color and all whites who do not share their hatred (race traitors).
The AtheoLeft hates all whites (traditions and cultures) and all people of color that do not share their hatred (usually theist christians).

BTW,I'm mixed-race myself,half-white(dutch)

Stan said...

The AtheoLeft Democrat party is the exact same party as the Democrat Party of slavery, as the Democrat Party of Separate but (un)Equal, as the Democrat Party of Jim Crow, as the Democrat Party of the KKK.

There is the same identity politics, classist discrimination, elitist messiahism as has always infested the Democrat Party for the past 2 1/2 centuries. The essence of the Democrats has not changed. The only thing changing is the focus of their hatred, classism, identity politics. Their determination to destroy all who dissent is exactly the same as it has always been.

There is no equivocation involved; zero. The Democrats have always been of the same essence. And they attract more of the exact same essence.

Stan said...

I must add: Atheists are nearly universally Leftist precisely because they share personal essences which are virtually identical to the Left. They "know" that they are superior in every way, and that allows them to fit in with all of the Democrats' assignment of Class and Identity to their inferiors - which is done so that the superior class (AtheoLeftist, of course) can manage the affairs of the inferior classes. This ties up racism, sexism, classism, elitism in all its forms into one political party: Democrats.

The categories of race and gender are placed in perpetual inferiority, from which they cannot escape - even with the perpetual channeling of taxpayer funding to support the poor, inferior classes. These poor, inferior classes then vote for the continuation of their funding from the Democrats, and the mutually beneficial structure of codependency is rigidified. The virtual destruction of these "classes" by this arrangement is of no consequence to the Democrats who benefit largely from it. It is the "best policy" for Democrats.

That's why "best policy" voting is myopic. It is voting to retain the essence of discrimination, Classism, racism and sexism.

Stan said...

The Republican party has a separate slate of problems, including intellectual cowardice, moral capitulation, failure to attack discriminatory, racist and sexist policies of the AtheoLeftist Democrats.

In other words, just plain cowardice in the face of the moral crisis and culture war being waged by the AtheoLeft.