Sunday, April 26, 2015

Headline Du Jour

From Instapundit:
"WHEN AMERICA SLIPS BEYOND PARODY: Bill Clinton’s Wife Condemns ‘Scourge Of Sexual Assault’ In First Big Speech."
Completely out of touch with reality. Maybe even Leftists will notice this... Nah.


Robert Coble said...

It's all a vast right-wing conspiracy fomented by Republicans in talk radio, of course. Didn't you read Lena Dunham's horrific account of rape by a college Republican? (Never mind the sexual assault by her on her own sister child, as documented in her book.) It's merely a part of the WOW (War On Women) that drives SJWs, which culminates in attempting to deny a vagina her rightful place as President. After all, she earned" it covering up for Slick Willie. Hey, if Slick Willie can schtup the interns in the White House along with the rest of America, so can the Hildebeast, but without any of his "Aw shucks, ma'am" charm.

Rikalonius said...

Charm and Hillary Clinton are terms that shall never meet in the same paragraph.

Speaking of Lena Dunham, has anyone heard her latest "pay attention to me" cry for help? She says, "the worse thing about living in New York City is how many men have jacked off to me."

Classy girl through and through. I tend to be sympathetic towards Lena. Like I would any other special needs person. She grew up with a sick, sick, father who exposed her to his vile "art" so it is really no surprise that she is a f***ed up as she is.

She's really a testament to liberalism's destructiveness.