Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hillary Potemkin Clinton

Clinton aide admits they SCREEN 'everyday Americans' for Hillary's campaign events as some ordinary people in a New Hampshire bakery – the employees! – refuse to shake her hand

Clinton was at Kristen's Bakery in Keene, NH in advance of a small-business roundtable event

She sat with a handful of customers and made her way to the back to greet employees

But a cashier told Daily Mail Online that some of the kitchen staff 'didn't want to come out to meet Hillary' because 'they just don't like her'

Clinton's communications director said it's helpful to recruit future Hillary evangelists from among Democratic activists by pre-screening them to meet Hillary in small settings as cameras click

'If someone like that loves her, then they'll talk to other people, and so on, and that's going to help,' she said

Palmieri wouldn't rule out the possibility that some at the bakery on Monday were asked to come
For the Left, phony is the same as "ordinary" when comes to the people Hillary will allow near her. It's all smoke and mirrors. And the press loves it.

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