Monday, April 6, 2015

The Party of Discrimination

In light of the foregoing posts I'm reminded that the party of discrimination, racism, sexism and intolerance has always been the Democrats. The Republican party was formed to oppose the racist policies of the Democrats, who seceded in order to continue to suppress blacks in slavery.

Democrats fought every - EVERY - civil rights bill that was proposed (and mostly passed) by Republicans.

Democrats installed and enforced Jim Crow laws, and separate but unequal facilities for blacks.

Democrats even massively opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act under Lydon Johnson, and then took to claiming that Republicans, who passed the bill, were the racists.

Democrats are still at it. The Party of Discrimination has found new targets to define as inferior and therefore subject to their discrimination. Still as morally arrogant as ever, and still religiously convinced of their moral authority to condemn those who are heretical to their discriminatory, intolerant beliefs as "bigots", they are intent on the destruction of all dissent.

Today, their target for discrimination is religion and those who hold to religious tenets. Conveniently, the Democrats have Hate Laws which prevent such exercise of religious beliefs, and they have designated legal Protected Classes of deviancies which are free to attack those who hold the hated contrary beliefs to Democrat paganism. So the Democrats are still exercising their hate-filled discrimination against non-Democrats - just not against blacks any more.

And we cannot ignore the Democrat attacks and hatred focused on Jews and Israel.

The truth should hurt them; but for some reason it does not.

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