Sunday, April 19, 2015

Why You Are a Sexist, Racist, Privileged Oppressor/Tyrant... By definition

A blogger self-appelled "Just Smith" explains why there is no such thing as reverse discrimination, no such as reverse racism, no such thing as reverse sexism, and probably (not stated) no such thing as reverse antisemitism. It's all about identity and privilege:
Reverse Sexism/Racism Does Not Exist

"Different anon
Isn’t saying you can’t be sexist to men like saying to can’t be racist to white people? I know plenty of women who look down on men, call them morons and immature and rapists, who group them all together as one lump.
Looking down on someone who is a cis male seems pretty damn sexist to me. I grew up with plenty of them (I had a ton of brothers) and I know they would never raise their voice to a woman, let alone a hand

Ok. This is really problematic. Allow me to explain:

1. Bias is NOT the same thing as Discrimination. Sexism (towards females and other gender minorities) and racism (towards people of color) are deeply engrained, institutional, indoctrinated ideologies with long and violent histories. These histories continue to be played out today. What you’re describing, your female friends who “call men morons and immature and rapists” are expressing a bias. Your friends will never, ever be able to institutionalize their feelings towards men in the way feelings towards women have been. To exemplify this, and perhaps to remind you, here is some historical to this inequity:

Women’s Suffrage Women’s Rights to Property Rape as weapon of war Roe v Wade The Global Gender Gap Report Saudi Arabian Women fight for the right to drive to name only a few of an immense history of discrimination

White cis males have the entirety of the system, whether it is the government, employment, religion, health access, agency, geared in their favor. Does this make them bad people? No. If they monopolize and manipulate the system, if they abuse their power? Yes, their character is in question (Rush Limbaugh,Mel Gibson, Chris Brown, and this horrifying abuse for example) It is because of this institutionalized favoring for white, cis men, otherwise known as patriarchy, that misandry cannot exist. Bias, sure. But sexism towards males? That is called “impossible”.

2. Racism towards white people? Also does not exist. And how can it? White people continue to wield the ultimate privileges in society. Just as with sexism, racism is a deeply engrained, institutional, indoctrinated ideology with a long and violent history. Again, does white privilege inherently make you a bad person? No. But when you monopolize and manipulate that power to continue to oppress other people, then yes your character is in question. To exemplify this and remind you of some racial history:

Apartheid Slavery in the United States The Holocaust Eugenics Colonialism (of almost every inch of this earth) The erasure of Native Americans to name just a few in an immense history of segregation, killing, silencing and oppression of POC by white people.

People of Color can have a bias against white people but that bias does not equal discrimination. On any level. Black only spaces or female only spaces or LBGTQ only spaces are not discrimination, but safe places created for people experiencing levels of oppression in order to create community. Not “reverse racism” or “reverse sexism”.

Alas, neither of these examples, sexism and racism, can be found, at any point in history, to be used to such an extent towards white cis men.

On a last note, I am still scratching my head as to where this question has actually come from? I was discussing the word cunt and that, in my opinion, white cis men should not used the word unless otherwise consented from another female because, otherwise, the context of the word remains the same: degrading and obscene. At no one point in time did I say “I hate cis men” or “group them all together as one lump” nor did I suggest that they all “raise their [voices] to [women]”. Just because I am a feminist does not mean I hate men. In fact, I quite enjoy them really."
The tortuous caveat at the end is self-serving; she most certainly did do that which she denies.

So, got all that? Are you 'White People'"? Then you are part of the problem; to repeat for emphasis:
"Apartheid Slavery in the United States The Holocaust Eugenics Colonialism (of almost every inch of this earth) The erasure of Native Americans to name just a few in an immense history of segregation, killing, silencing and oppression of POC by white people.
Identity is established, and you are classified by skin tone. Never mind the white fight for liberating the blacks from slavery and giving them civil rights - whites who were Republicans, who were violently opposed by Democrats for at least a century and a half as the Leftist Democrats fought to preserve their Class System - as they still do.

And as for reversals, never mind the black mob attacks on whites around the USA, which one must search valiantly through local newscasts to even discover. But that is just "bias" according to the New Rules; fortunately for them they cannot be possessed of reverse racism, tautologically. It must be nice to curse and brutalize with Class Immunity. They are protected from such things by their SJW/Messiah definition as Victimhood Class denizens - perpetual victims incapable of their own crimes of hate. They are defined by their Class Identity, not by any residual humanity; that has been denied them. The Messiahs know best for everyone. Because everyone else is beneath them.

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Robert Coble said...

"Warriors" who must have special "safe havens" from which to hurl their verbal thunderbolts, so as to never be exposed to the presence of their opponents, much less the weaponry of logic and reason wielded by their designated Oppressors de jour.

I can never wrap my cis white male (or is that supposed to be "white cis male"? It's so darned hard to be PC when the SJWs continually change the definitions) head around the notion of claiming to always be "fighting" this, that or the other "oppression," all while denigrating the Oppressors for "fighting" against the superior wisdom of the SJW clique.

Surrender unconditionally or STFU WITHOUT A FIGHT - either option is anathema to any cis person with any degree of cis self-respect, regardless of the non-cis protected categories involved.

Learn to deal with it, poor little shrinking Viola.

If you can't do that, evolution predicts that you will not survive to propagate your kind. (I could only wish!) It is called "survival of the fittest" for a REASON.