Tuesday, May 19, 2015

American Atheists Are Radicalizing Around Their Cartoon

American Atheist Al Stefanelli creates a Straw Christian to hate, and incite others to hate:
American Atheist leader says fundamentalist Christians 'must be eradicated'

"In a shocking blog post at atheists.org, Al Stefanelli, Georgia State Director of American Atheists, Inc., calls for the eradication of "individuals who abide by fundamentalist Christian and radical Islamic doctrines."

"They don’t respond to lawsuits, letters, amicus briefs or other grass-roots campaigns and they must, must, must be eradicated," he writes.

He goes on to write:
As long as they are allowed to exist, we will continue to be inundated with accounts of buses, buildings, markets and abortion clinics being blown up, rape victims being murdered for adultery, wives being beaten (sometimes to death), airplanes being flown into buildings, people being tortured and sometimes beheaded for blasphemy, people being burned for witchcraft and sorcery and all the other horrific, inhumane and insane practices that are part of fundamental Christianity and Radical Islam.
While it is true that many terror attacks have been carried out by radical Islamists, the same absolutely cannot be said of those who currently follow the teachings of Jesus Christ in the United States. The last judicial execution for witchcraft in the United States, for example, was in 1692, according to bibliotecapleyades.net.

Naturally, Stefanelli did not cite any examples of Christians actually participating in such acts, but he does single out what he calls "idiotic, ignorant and imbicillic politicians and celebrities like Palin, Bachmann, Beck, Limbaugh, Pawlenty and Santorum."

But who, exactly, is Stefanelli targeting?
"Most of the GOP, just about all of the Tea Party movement and even some Democrats and Independents," he writes, adding they "should be ashamed of themselves for going out in public wearing the equivalent of an intellectual diaper."

Because they have the audacity to believe what their religious doctrine teaches.

He smears religious people as lacking "the maturity and intelligence to act in a socially acceptable manner," calling them "sociopaths," "psychopaths," and claims "all of them are clearly delusional."

He claims:
The fact is that fundamentalist Christians and radical Muslims are not interested in coexisting or getting along. They have no desire for peace. They do not want to sit down with us in diplomatic efforts to iron out our differences and come to an agreement on developing an integrated society.

They want us to die.
While one could easily make the argument regarding radical Muslims who have, in fact, flown airplanes into buiildings (Google "9/11") and beheaded people for being "infidels," the same cannot be said for modern-day Christians. Again, Stefanelli provides no proof of his assertions.

Billy Hallowell of The Blaze observes:
He encourages “mainstream believers” within both faiths to be “intolerant of fundamental Christianity and radical Islam.” Based on his writings it seems Stefanelli also takes issue with atheists and non-believers who are content accepting the beliefs of those he finds so unintellectual and radical.
Ironically, while calling for the eradication of those who follow their religious beliefs, Stefanelli writes in response to a comment calling him out for his violent rhetoric:
"It is most certainly NOT a call for violence. Not once did I ever suggest that we use weapons, violence or physical contact. Not once. Nor did I say we be “mean” to them," he wrote.
No, he just doesn't think these people have a right to exist, and they "must, must, must be eradicated." No violence or 'meanness' implied there.

"These are not the droids you are looking for.""


Anonymous said...

Yep, that's right, because of thongs like this:
Now you never discusd that, right? You'll blame the "MSM" for not talking about what you want to hear, but you'll be glad they ignore that story.
Because this is about people like you Stan. You're dangerous. Crazy, irrational, fundamentalist but thankfully mostly irrelevant. Thank God you're not popular!
People like you are the reason we need to keep fighting your nonsense in any way possible. You hate it, because you are losing. Sucker!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's right, because of thongs like this:
Now you never discusd that, right? You'll blame the "MSM" for not talking about what you want to hear, but you'll be glad they ignore that story.
Because this is about people like you Stan. You're dangerous. Crazy, irrational, fundamentalist but thankfully mostly irrelevant. Thank God you're not popular!
People like you are the reason we need to keep fighting your nonsense in any way possible. You hate it, because you are losing. Sucker!!!

Robert Coble said...

Leaving aside the inability to utilize technology (double posting the same ad hominem), I was curious as to the "thong" referenced. Surprisingly, I couldn't find any reference to "thong" anywhere in the linked article. I had my hopes set too high: perhaps the article would have an accompanying photo of Mr. Doggart in a thong; alas! No thong! Maybe I should use Internet Explorer instead of Chrome. . .

As for the libel that the blog's author is anythong like the "thong" (I guess that would BE Mr. Robert Doggart) referenced: perhaps we should dismiss the LiberalViewer's nonsense as the rantings of a "HATER." (I can never quite wrap my head around the delusional and totally illogical stance that pejoratively accused [but unconvicted on the basis of evidence, supposedly dearly loved but never supplied by those like LiberalViewer) "haters" are to be - HATED. Logical consistency and rationality appear not to be the strong suit of LiberalViewer. HEY! Check your privilege and your micro-aggressions!)

At least we have a "Left"-handed acknowledgement that G-d exists. I wonder toward which G-d LiberalViewer directs the thanks? Surely it cannot be any putative Christian G-d, in light of the referenced article and the vitriol directed at Stan. But G-d IS capitalized, which certainly implies (among literate people) either the Judeo-Christian G-d, and not Allah (genuflection in the general direction of Mecca). I don't recall any of the 200 million Hindu g-ds having the proper name G-d, so that narrows the field just a tiny bit. An atheist would rather be dropped into the Void on his empty head than acknowledge the logically necessary existence of G-d, so that seems to eliminate the atheist g-d (himself).

As for those "thongs" NOT "discusd," I don't recall anythong that Stan has "discusd." Frisbeed, maybe, hula hooped, maybe, but then I have never read everythong that Stan has written.

Perhaps you could cite specific examples of faulty logic that Stan has used, thereby demonstrating that Stan is "irrational," instead of hurling rhetorical thunderbolts from your high moral perch on the top of Mt. Improbable.

JBsptfn said...

Metacrock did something about this guy on his website a few years ago:

On the Barracades: Al Stefanelli

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA Robert, all you can comment on are spelling mistakes!?! Yes sir that's because you're too stooooopid to write anything, sucking up on your pal Stan's long large... EGO. No I don't correct my spelling why spend 1 more second for idiots like you!! Why not write moooooore comments instead! You like being associated with terrorists? Yes you know that's what you really all. CRAZY terrorists who want to hurt others.YES I HATE YOU, but I don't want to kill you, no no no, that's what dumb people like you do, with your guns. Me Christian, me have guns, me will kill you because me GOD is better, you mention GOD, you acknowledge GOD exists, hahaha dumb Atheist you. SMART people will do better, we'll convert your children, and their children. Slowly but surely progressive are winning because that's how you get MONEY!! Keep your guns you crazy bastards. We will get your kids to deny your GOD. They probably already do but you just don't know hahahhahahah

JBsptfn said...

It's not my god, it's not your god, it's God, get it? God is being itself, not a human (even though the Bible says that he has feelings like a person).

On the interwebs, the atheists that I have seen aren't too bright. They claim superiority, but a lot of them don't know Sh** from Shinola about Christianity.

They also like to stereotype Christians into a right-wing box, but I am one that doesn't fit. I am a centrist. I think that both sides are messed-up. This country won't change until people stop being divided (and we can somehow keep the children out of office that are in Washington now).

Anonymous said...

JB, you must despise Stan as much as I do then!! Most divise blogher ever, most extremist ever. I too agree with you on everything EVERYTHING you wrote just now. Except... God being something that exists of course. That "being itself" is cute philosophical unprovable nonsense that Christians and others believe to keep their childish views of a lovely God figure that cares for them, SORRY... BUT if you are centrist, GREAT! Your are NOT crazy like Stan then.

Stan said...

It's good that you admit your hate for the Other. It saves me the time it takes to point out the Left's single unifying feature, hatred. It's an intellectual debilitation which prevents rational, deductive reasoning and replaces it with foam-flecked rants. This is the coin of Hitler, Mao, Castro, and Lenin. Of Pol Pot and Ortega.

So it's good to have the direct evidence show up, even though that evidence is illiterate. At least Lenin and Stalin were literate.

You, LV, are more like a childish troll, a middle school drop-out, basement dweller, under mommy's house because you can't get or keep a job. Just a guess, although you'll probably claim to be a physics professor with a Nobel prize for typing.

It's OK, we get your type here sometimes, or maybe it's always just the same one - they/you are indiscernable from each other, nonsensical and without any actual points except for the intent of spreading disruption and hatred. In other words, just juvenile rebellion taken out in the form of attempted vandalism.

BTW, I don't write this blog for you or your kind. You are the ones Aristotle called "unteachable". I write for those who care to think about and examine fully the premises which the Atheists and the Leftists believe uncritically and without examination. Leftists cannot and will not ever do that; emotion is the Left's substitute for logical constructs.

An example of Leftist irrationality is the hatred of religion while screaming in defense of Islam - even while they disembowel Atheists and throw homosexuals off tall buildings.

And BTW #2, your "Christian terrorist" was judged a substance abuser of drugs and alcohol who is insane, who had gotten a mail-order "minister's certificate" from a non-existent "first tier denomination". Yes, he was and is a dangerous psycho, but he never claimed Christianity as his motivation, or hatred of Islam either. He wanted to stop a fantasy terrorist group, that was his motivation. So you'll have to find some other reason to hate actual Christians... OK, no reason or reasoning is needed, is it?

Anonymous said...

He said he wanted to do his attack for God and he is a Christian. QED. You are just like him and I do hate you and the few people like you and this crazy terrorist. There are not many thankfully but you are all the same. I don't hate anyone ny default unlike you Stan who does show hatred for the Left the Gays the Prochoice the Liberals the Atheists the Democrats and so many others. You know what passive aggressive means? That's you Stan a vile passive aggressive person that shows HATE FOR OTHERS through his blog. THIS IS WHAT YOU DO NOT ME. I just hate you for what you do here and your stupid dangerous ideas. Most Christians are NOT LIKE YOU.
Don't you get it??? YOU the spineless idiot who writes this blog and thinks he knows best, even better than encyclopedia now apparently. HOW DELUSIONAL CAN ONE BE TO THINK LIKE THAT!

Anonymous said...

OH YA and you think I must be a nobody?? WHO CARES? we know YOU are the nobody. ANYMOUS BY CHOICE Because nobody would care for you or your ideas so rejection is much easier with just 'Stan' than your real name as a blogger of Course. LOSER!

JBsptfn said...

LiberalViewer, Jesus never said to do what that person did. He isn't a real Christian just because he said that he wanted to do his attack for God.

Robert Coble said...

Illogical and purely emotional to the nth degree:

LV, if YOU didn't care, then you wouldn't be here regurgitating your HATRED. You are a self-admitted HATER. In your worldview, that means you are to be despised as the lowest of the morally low. Yet you are oblivious to your own self-hatred.

There is already an explanation for NOT using Stan's name: HATERS (including YOU) would be trying to dump their hatred directly on him. Ergo, no personal information for YOU and HATERS like you to use to attack him personally.

What is most amusing is the logical inconsistencies you have demonstrated repeatedly. Either you are too ignorant to know that you are doing it, you are too stupid and apathetic to care, or you are just another of the HATRED trolls whose life is so pathetic that there is nothing of value in it. So sad!

You excoriate Stan for being "anymous" (hardly any kind of "mouse" that I'm familiar with; perhaps in your foam-flecked rage you intended "anonymous" and your spittle obscured the appropriate keys?) - and yet -

YOU hide anonymously behind the appellation "LiberalViewer".

I'm also amused at your feeble attempt to accuse me of being "homosexual". Another logical fallacy, totally unsupported by any evidence. (I don't frequent the same public bathhouses that you do. See how easy it is to make accusations without any evidence available or required?)

(I cannot understand the illogic of declaring one's self a supporter of LGBTPQRSTUVXYZ and then attempting to smear one's opponent by accusing them of being a member of those groups.)

LV: "No I don't correct my spelling why spend 1 more second for idiots like you!!"

More logical inconsistency: Why spend 1 more second posting AT ALL, since you not only have demonstrated NO ability to use dialectic to address any issue that has been raised here? You continue to rant emotionally and inconsistently about not wasting your time responding, yet you continue as if you have actually accomplished something useful. You haven't; it's just amusing to "feed the troll" and watch it emote. Trolls are such emotionally needy beings that it would be cruel to deprive them of their sustenance.

In the interest of assisting you with your psychological disorder, perhaps you could spend another one of your invaluable seconds and look up the logical fallacy (sorry, you won't find the correct definition under "phallacy") named Ad Hominem (Abusive).


Anonymous said...

JB, no real Muslim ever committed terrorism either according to other peaceful Muslim. FAIL.

ROBERT, no worries nobody would do anything to Stan or you. Remember the crazies are on your team!! Calling you homosexual? No idea what you are talking about... Leaving more comments instead of fixing mistakes, of course it's more FUN AND USEFUL.
Trolling? You tell me. Would you reply to a troll? Who are the DUMB ones then?? The troll or the WILFULLY Troll-ed???
Ad hominem? Abusive? That is what STAN'S BLOG is ALL about!! Passive aggressive attacks on OTHERS HE HATES.

Stan said...

I am anonymous because when I used my full name I was stalked and threatened by someone just like you. You hate the very idea that someone has actual thoughts, and those thoughts are not identical to your own thoughts. At every turn in your comments you prove, empirically and with pin-point precision, the exact points which I make. (Maybe that's why you're here, as a sock puppet making my points for me).

If not a phony sock puppet, then you, the "progressive", the "liberal", are intolerant and filled with hatred of the Other. You do not even attempt to make refutations coolly, rationally. You do not seem to possess the capacity to make refutations if you wanted to make them. But that is not your style, if your comments reflect the actual, real you. You project a person fully composed of your vision of yourself as the moral and intellectual icon/prophet/messiah/elitist who cannot be wrong, just because it is you doing the talking, and therefore it must be true, tautologically. Again your comments are so simplistic, that it is doubtful that you actually believe them.

In fact your last comment sounds exactly like a sock puppet of Hugo, who periodically comes back to spread around his idea of fun. So I suspect that you don't even believe what you write, you just write crap to see if it floats.

Like the other Hugo-esque crap-talker sock puppets, you deserve no more than to be ignored.

Stan said...

You may do as you wish, but I am through feeding the troll.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA STAN I use the same TROLL name as when your blog was not on profile only and you forget! You got no original thoughts and mean NOTHING so a stalker? I wonder WHY BECAUSE WHO CARES! But you senile idiot feed the TROLL AGAIN. AND YES I SAW THAT HUGO a few months back!! Made me want to PLAY with you again! But now I need profiles so I created a few to have FUN With the old men here!

JBsptfn said...

LiberalViewer, what I said above about Jesus wasn't fail because in the Bible, he is never quoted as telling people to do that. His main commandment was to love one another.

Stan and Robert are right. You are just a stupid Atheist troll that doesn't have any facts on his side. Go away!!

Talon said...

Stefanelli is a spiteful lunatic, who the hell talks about "eradicating" a group of people for thought crimes? Yes, when you use the word eradicate and indicate that words and legal actions aren't sufficient, it's reasonable to ask "what next?" Where does it stop? Ridicule will only work on the uneducated, the weak minded and weak willed, the sort who will "go along to get along" and it's counter productive if you actually want people to question their beliefs sincerely. So now what? Debate? Not when vocal NA proponents have a habit of either avoiding it or attacking low hanging fruit, I suppose you could be like PZ Myers and publicly fantasize about stabbing your interlocutor (W.C. Lane) instead. What does new atheism have to offer but breathless outrage, ridicule and the old intolerant tribalism wrapped in smugness and delusions of intellectual superiority and reason?

Stan said...

I am deleting LVs comments, and any other sock puppet like him who shows up. He hasn't the intellect to produce rational comments and his only purpose is destructive.

JBsptfn said...

Talon, read the above link I posted from On The Baracades. The author of that entry says that what Stefanelli was doing was more than likely a political tactic. Nice post, though. You should post here more often.

And, I agree with Stan. You should delete that troll's comments. He should go to some moronic site like Exchristian.net or CARM where there are other fundy atheist morons.

yonose said...

Hello everyone,
Look, many atheists are not cold-minded, and their weaknesses arise.
Anyways, the captain-obvious remark as is:
1) all christian fundamentalists should be eradicated
2) every christian is a fundamentalist
c) every christian should be eradicated.
Should we give an unabridged and warm welcome to this kind of domestic terrorists??
Kind Regards...

Phoenix said...

LV:"No I don't correct my spelling why spend 1 more second for idiots like you!!"

With so many grammatical errors you have forfeited your right to call others stupid.