Friday, May 8, 2015

And That's Why It's Top Secret: Obama's Trade Bill Relinquishes US Laws to Foreign Tribunal

New trade warning: International 'tribunal' could junk U.S. laws to help foreign firms

"An Asian trade deal being negotiated in secret by the administration would let an international tribunal overrule state and federal laws to help foreign firms, a new issue congressional and legal opponents are raising in hopes of slowing the race for passage.

"It is really worrisome," said top House Ways and Means Committee Democrat Rep. Sandy Levin. "Countries do not want to give away their jurisdiction away to some arbitrary panel," he added.

At issue is the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty and a provision called "Investor-State Dispute Settlement," or ISDS, that would let foreign firms challenge U.S. laws, potentially overruling those laws and resulting in fines to be paid by taxpayers. The provisions are becoming common in some trade deals between other nations."
Obama has proved one thing for certain: there is no recourse for stopping a treasonous president... short of revolution. Neither Congress nor the Supreme Court have armies; the administration has dozens, with every agency being armed to the teeth, and charged with enforcement of their non-legislated, but well enforced pseudo-laws. For some reason Congress is loath to remove all funding from the Administration, thereby abdicating their responsibility for control over a renegade president.

Democracy is much more vulnerable when the electorate is under the spell of political correctness and Leftist tropes. That is what has enabled this anarchic president to remain in office and to run wild while there. The next year and a half will see much more of this sort of treason, I'm certain of it. And Obama will never suffer any consequences, either.

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