Thursday, May 21, 2015

Comment Moderation

Moderation is temporarily ON.


Martin said...

What happened?

Steven Satak said...

Not hard to see why. I'd bet a dollar it was Hugo. But even if I lost a buck, it's proof there's no shortage of self-contradicting emotion-driven haters out there.

This place is a refuge, Stan. Do what you have to in order to keep the peace.

Stan said...

Occasionally a person calling himself Hugo and many other names comes around to "have fun". He starts out with moderation but quickly becomes irrational in the taunting, name-calling fashion.

I frequently get caught by the unfamiliar name and the moderate demeanor during the start up. But it always escalates, and it gets really stupid after I put the blog on moderation. I just delete him for a few days and he goes away... but always comes back in a month or three.

It might not be Hugo, but the trolls are all stupidly similar, so they all look alike. There's no creativity involved with the chronically stupid, especially stupid vandals.