Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gay Editor of OUT Mag Suggests Less Gay Hysteria and is Met With Gay Hysteria

This NSF Work link is to an article in what apparently is a homosexual soft porn mag:
Pizza, With a Side of Gay Shame

" We act like petty tyrants exploding in anger whenever someone says something that falls foul of approved policy. Increasingly, of course, the targets of that anger are other LGBT people, because that is the way tyranny works — the enemy eventually becomes anyone who is not on exactly the same page, exactly the same word, at exactly the same time. It makes us less compassionate, less generous. Is gay-friendly macaroni and wedding pizza really worth that? "
While it is interesting that he is making a case for less intolerance from homosexuals, what is more interesting is the homosexual response in his comment section, including the suggestion that his magazine be boycotted. As even the author admits, the tyrants will always wind up eating their own (no pun intended). And they readily assert the combination card of Victimhood/Messiahism in the process. Homosexuals know that they are a separate class and they will use class warfare forever, relentlessly and intolerantly bullying dissenters to their values-free moral positioning. And now that there no longer exists any actual designation of sexual malbehavior as being indicative of a disorder, and laws to back that up, no amount of sexual depravity can be criticized any longer. The Kinsey spectrum of normal behaviors is at full tide, and one risks severe legal punishment to go against it. Including homosexuals who unwisely preach tolerance.

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Stefani Monaghan said...

As is my wont recently, I skipped the article and went straight to the comments, which are nearly always more interesting. Sure enough, I found this gem:

"This is where privilege comes right in. Particularly white gay male privilege. What doesn't matter to you, may matter to a Latino like me. Mind others, please. The LGBT community is composed only of white gays."

Let's hear it for white gay male privilege!