Monday, May 11, 2015

Is Being Against Islam Racist?

Sami Shah review – slick standup is ‘an atheist defending Islam from racists’
Is "Muslim" now a race? Since when? Or is it just another excuse for a "cause" to attribute morality to, in order to be a messiah for that class?


Rikalonius said...

An Atheist defending Islam; presumably against the sustained attacks of racist, neo-Christo Theocracrats (or something). Oh, the irony.

Atheists have an irrational hatred for anything they can even remotely link to Christianity, but Islam... Well, it is just racist to hate Islam. To me it just cements my beliefs in what is true.

Dragon fang said...

I am not sure what response is expected when someone (i.e. Possibly attended Richard Dawkin's school of pseudo-intellectionism) states: "Islam is not a race". Is it something like: "OMG...! A-Are you saying that I have been a Muslim all this time and I didn't know that Islam was a religion?" *faints* (look at what you did captain obvious!)
Seriously though, it is well known that Islam is open to people of all racial backgrounds, however there is no quarrel in Islam not being a race, but rather that Islam is being racialized; that is the key word. Which means that Muslims are cast as a threatening and inferior racial other, where racial characteristics and attitudes are assigned, for ease of demonization and dehumanization in an extremely racial manner. Hence why there are such things as a Sikh of Indian origins or a Christian from Arab origins being targeted in islamophobia attacks, even though the diversity among Muslims is large.

Stan said...

While it is true that immediately after 9/11, racist attacks on hindus and sikhs occurred, that was based on some Americans' ignorance. That has largely been overcome.

I suspect that those who defend Islam without reservation (Atheists and Leftists) are the most ignorant of Islam, including its multiracial nature. That's why we hear from them that it is racist to oppose Islam.

From the same bigots we hear that Christianity is the root of all evil in the entire universe.

They work from Classist designations which are mere cartoons and caricatures of the actual nature of the people who they classify. So Muslims are by Leftist definition: Victims of Racism. And Christians are by definition: Racist Oppressors. No logic or evidence can dislodge those notions.

Thus oppressors are racist, by definition, even when they are opposed to a non-racial issue such as presidential policy or Islamic hegemony.

The issue clearly is with the practice of confining humans into classes, in order to control them.

Phoenix said...

The Atheist Left is already convinced that when muslims take over,then Atheists will be the last on the menu to be butchered.This is their reward for supporting Islam.But that might not be the case after all.It seems Atheists have some stiff competition with Satanists.
As this article states;"As a Muslim, I have to support the Satanists.