Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Leftist Self-Cannibalism

It's only a matter of time before the hate speech laws enacted by Leftist "hate speech" ideologists attack the originators of official hate speech laws.

Canadian government weighing hate-speech charges against people who boycott Israel
In a class system dominated by hatred of certain classes of people, the elites always wind up turning on each other. Always. Hate-frenzy always clouds the mind with irrationality and ultimately, paranoia. So when that sort of mindset is legally enabled, the Leftist sharks start to eat each other.

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yonose said...


Ok, it is no note that in countries like Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, and of course Canada, there should be no secret about the rampant antisemitism as the folklore du jour.

So, if you want a good lifestyle in a western-like culture, don't be a Jew!!

Because the imposing market force is all about sex, religion and politics, it is doubtless why there are people who spit ignorance daily as a comfortable zone.

Our westernization is effed-up beyond belief. It is dangerous for us to even commit marriage!!! because of all the same boring -isms: intolerant heterosexists and transfobic, biafobic homosexists, a huge change of gender roles and dynamics, and yes, as a result, a rather accentuated separation of gender roles than ever before -in this case regardless of gender-, even if they are not superficially noticeable.

Formal education is bankrupt and eugenicists, and scientific celebrities and the dishonesty of elite academics and scholars, want to impulse the same PR machine: world domination with their bullshit science and their bullshit religious scientism.

Integrity is what is left, even if this makes our lives more difficult, with all this victimization bullshit and the enquring pseudo-controversies which distract the masses.

Kind Regards.