Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Punishment of Contrarians

Consider these two news items, juxtaposed just below:

Australian university pulls plug on climate skeptic’s center

Antarctic researchers ponder challenges posed by increasing sea ice
Whatever your view of the actual articles, they are merely symptoms of the larger issue: suppression of dissent by the promoters of the "truth"; Scientism at work.

Contrary to the article above, sea ice has increased in the Arctic, as well. It's all part of warming, just as it would be if the Arctic/Antarctic ice were actually receding, as are glaciers. Either way, it's the warming. Here in the center of the USA, we've had cooler summers lately, undoubtedly due to the warming of course. Winters for the past couple of years have been mild, undoubtedly due to the warming. Either way, it's always due to the warming. I wonder what the projections of Global Cooling would bring regarding the same actual data?

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