Thursday, May 14, 2015

Same Script; Different Stage; New Actors

Protesting tyranny in the USA - Selma and Geller: John Nolte makes the necessary comparison.

Read the entire article for the details and photos, and the original insight from Nolte.
The similarities in the situations are striking, as I summarize here:

1. Tyrannical terrorists are suppressors of human rights:
Selma: KKK and Democrat demogogue racists
Geller: Islamic totalitarians and Democrat Islamic apologists
2. Removal of Constitutional Rights
Selma: Democrat Jim Crow Laws
Geller: Islamic and Democrat refusal of First Amendment Rights
3. Necessary protest venue determined by the nature of the terrorists:
Selma: march on the KKK iconic bridge.
Geller: Using the First Amendment Rights denied by Islamists and Democrats.
4. Righteous Cause:
Selma: human freedom under the U.S. Constitution
Geller: human freedom under the U.S. Constitution
5. Peaceful Protest
Selma: nonviolent protestors
Geller: nonviolent protestors
6. Democrat Bigots Victim-Blame
Selma: Democrats blamed "upstart" (black protestors)
Geller: Democrats blamed "intolerant and Islamophobic (racist)" protestors.
7. Protestors Risk Lives For Freedom
Selma: Irritating the KKK and Democrat local authorities
Geller: Irritating the worldwide Islamic terror community
8. Democrat hypocrisy
Selma: Democrats ignore and provoke blacks; defend and protect Jim Crow human rights violations.
Geller: Democrats ignore and provoke Christians and Christianity; defend and protect Islam.
To this I add that the Democrats have always, since their inception as a political party, been the center of suppression of human rights by class warfare; the Democrat party attracts those who are of a totalitarian bent and are determined to suppress others for the benefit of themselves. History is rife with their abuse of basic human rights in one form or another, primarily by creating and maintaining class standards which benefit themselves and handicap the Other.

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