Saturday, May 30, 2015


Fred On Everything


Steven Satak said...

Anyone who needs a trigger warning for Fred Reed's wisdom has entirely earned what comes next. I mean really, these people are now to the point where they bitch-slap *themselves* when a Politically Incorrect word comes along.

Since they will be the first ones to perish in any emergency more dire than a heavy thunderstorm, I am not too concerned about their bleating and hand-waving. I see their self-destructive ways, their pernicious atheism, their determination to have their way or no way at all, as (forgive the reference, Stan) the mark of St. Darwin, who is here to take out the trash.

Stefani Monaghan said...

I'd particularly enjoyed this:

"College kids used to be occasionally silly because they were practicing to be adults and didn't have the hang of it. Now they prepare for a lifetime in the tenth grade."

However, Jared Marcum was not suspended for wearing an NRA t-shirt. He was suspended for making a scene and then arrested for interfering with an LEO in the performance of his duties.