Tuesday, May 5, 2015

When The Irrational Are In Charge

Why Yes Can Mean No
And it is true that there is no truth; morals are immoral; Identity within a human class is more important than the "content of your character"; Character development is too hard for some people; science does not require any actual evidence in order to be immutable Truth (and denial is evil); There is no evil (except as dictated by Leftist diktat); Victimhood Classes cannot be racist/sexist/murdering/raping/rioting/hoodlums because of their identities as perpetual Victims; The Other must be silenced at all cost, because their existence is a microaggression against those without the spine to live in the actual world.

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Robert Coble said...

From a detached observer's point of view:

Miss Karma is a BITCH! I can hardly wait to see those "chickens come home to roost!" (Hopefully, from a galaxy far, far away from Earth.)

It calls to mind the old Chinese (?) curse:

May you live in interesting times!

You are only limited by your imagination, but some people cannot imagine how limited their imaginations really are!