Friday, May 15, 2015

Yeah, RIGHT. Woody Allen Makes a Morality/Rationality Film

The spectacular absurdity which is Woody Allen never seems to end. Here's all I need to know:
"The big questions of philosophy, morality and the randomness or meaning of existence that have surfaced repeatedly in his work bubble up again in ways more playful than deep, as does the sardonic ambivalence toward academia."
Apparently not much about pedophilia, though.


Thurston said...

I don't understand. Are you suggesting that Woody Allen should make a philosophical movie that seriously explores philosophical concepts and he is "absurd" for making it playful rather than deep?

I'm trying, but I'm not following from where your "Woody Allen is absurd" statement comes.

Steven Satak said...

He's a pedophile? Really? I tried to find information out there on the web, but just innuendo and accusations from which he successfully defended himself.

I don't care for his politics, his atheism, most of his body of work or his involvement with Mia Farrow's adopted daughter, but the young lady was of age when the relationship began and they are still married.

Why the pedophile crack? That's not like you, Stan.

Stan said...

Mia Farrow, Ronan Farrow and Dylan Farrow all seem to believe that Dylan was molested by Allen. And it's a fact that he's a friend of convicted child sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. But it's also true that there was not enough material evidence to convict Allen in the case of 7 year old Dylan Farrow. So Allen must be considered innocent.

Still, the morality surrounding the entire affair including Soon Yi seems entirely lacking and the idea of Allen preaching morality to the world is absurd. From my perspective, everything about Allen seems absurd. Perhaps he is brilliant and a moral icon, worthy of foisting morality onto me; I don't find evidence for him to be so.

I do retract the pedophile comment, based on the lack of legal conviction; I do believe the Farrows over Allen, though it's based not on fact, but on perception of believability only.

Steven Satak said...

He does come across as morally vague and yes, it does seem absurd he's preaching to US about any morality he's stumbled across over the years.

It always seemed to me he followed 'Whatever I Want' as a moral code, one that changed to suit him willy-nilly.

That he should suddenly wake up to discover that there are moral truths which now correspond to his screwy internal compass is no surprise. He's older than dirt. He's had plenty of time for epiphany.