Friday, June 12, 2015

ALWAYS the First Step in Totalitarian Takeovers

Putting people into categories, along with false moral privilege, censorship, and full-on attacks on the Other are the first signs of a totalitarian class takeover. I believe the following is true:
The lesson that conservatives and even liberals have to learn is that there can be no toleration for SJWs. There can be no support for SJW organizations and institutions. Their entryists must be guarded against. The prideful, self-centered declaration that you are above all cultural war and will nobly go down to graceful defeat rather than dirty yourself by choosing a side doesn't mean that you have higher ideals and standards, it means that you are observably stupid and self-defeating.

Fence-sitting doesn't make you a better person. Especially when the fence is in the process of being knocked down by SJW bulldozers.

Vox Day
Because they are pursuing their own form of a virulent religion - the self-righteousness religion - they will not relent. It is their self-given right to determine the world and worldview of everyone who is not them. If they do not, they are untrue to their own religion, and will be Othered, immediately and ruthlessly. There is plenty of evidence to support that.


JBsptfn said...

Self Righteousness: Isn't that a main characteristic of the Atheist?

Stefani Monaghan said...

Umm, who's an old white man?

Robert Coble said...

Logical conclusion:

LiberalViewer (a self-admitted sock puppet of HUGO) is an OLD WHITE MAN.

Rhetorical question:

How stupid does HUGO have to be to denigrate himself with a meaningless pejorative that he doesn't comprehend?


Stan said...

Well, I mistakenly accepted the comments which I thought I had deleted. Oh well. They are deleted now.

Robert Coble said...


My comment above was in reference to two HUGO comments (under the pseudonym LiberalViewer) - duplicates, actually (since deleted), which ended with the assertion that only OLD WHITE MEN posted comments on this blog. Ergo, the "logical conclusion" (based solely on his assertion) that HUGO is an OLD WHITE MAN.

I did not think of the obvious counterfactual evidence that you also post here. I can only cite as extenuating circumstances that (1) I had just got home from work and was tired, and (2) I was pissed off to see more of the troll's graffiti sprayed on the blog wall.

My apology to you. I enjoy every post you make here.

Steven Satak said...

It's a pity you cannot track him down through the internet. There has to be a way to do it.

Robert Coble said...

Tracking someone through the Internet can be done IFF the relevant IP information is preserved from source to sink AND is directly available at the sink. If the information is stripped off at any point along the way, then it becomes virtually impossible (at least for mere mortals) to track someone down.

Here's an example tool:

IP Tracker Online

A surface analysis of the patterns (typical misspellings, often used phrases, style of asserting rather than argumentation, etc.) within the comments is often sufficient to give a high probability that one has discovered another HUGO sock puppet or a different troll.

Stan said...

Everything is resident at Google, including the program code, the format code, the posts and the comments. I can see their code via debugger, but it is a general code, for everyone's use... I think. I am reluctant to make any 'changes' via debugger to insert a snippet of code. It's probably write protected anyway... so I don't see a path for inserting a tracking mechanism myself. However, various tracking programs exist, and I use one, but it doesn't see everything (and I don't know how it works). Even the page counter provided by blogger doesn't work very well imo. The blogger counter and the independent tracker seem to capture different events.