Monday, June 29, 2015

Elena Kagan: Lying Leftist Liar and SCOTUS Legislator

"ELENA KAGAN IN 2009: “THERE IS NO FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO SAME-SEX MARRIAGE.” As Prof. William A. Jacobson writes at his Legal Insurrection blog, “Then she was a nominee for Solicitor General, now she is an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Then she was bound to follow the law, now she gets to make it.”
From Ed Driscoll at Instapundit
The full context of Kagan's statement and subsequent validation of its meaning is at the LINK.


Greg12 said...

This pastor had it coming for him. Kudos to whoever put that note. Let's keep up the good fight!

Stan said...

I smell fraud. A great many of these "hate" crimes are fraudulent, and are done either by the "victim" to himself, or by a Leftist posing as a hate-filled "Oppressor Class" perp because an actual hate crime doesn't occur to fit the narrative.

There was another one this week - Gay was "assaulted" and hate rhetoric carved into his arm... only cops say he did it to himself.

This is very frequent. I wish someone - not me - would archive all these Leftist frauds. It would make a great book.

Stan said...

OK. Here it is: