Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gays Lose Eliteness

Historic Day for Gays, but Twinge of Loss for an Outsider Culture

"But even many who raced to the altar say they feel loss amid the celebrations, a bittersweet sense that there was something valuable about the creativity and grit with which gay people responded to stigma and persecution.

For decades, they built sanctuaries of their own: neighborhoods and vacation retreats where they could escape after workdays in the closet; bookstores where young people could find their true selves and one another. Symbols like the rainbow flag expressed joy and collective defiance, a response to disapproving families, laws that could lead to arrests for having sex and the presumption that to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender was shameful.

Lisa Kron, who wrote the book and lyrics for "Fun Home," which features a young lesbian girl. “The thing I miss is the specialness of being gay,” Ms. Kron said. Credit Walter McBride/Getty Images

“The thing I miss is the specialness of being gay,” said Lisa Kron, who wrote the book and lyrics for “Fun Home,” a Broadway musical with a showstopping number sung by a young girl captivated by her first glimpse of a butch woman. “Because the traditional paths were closed, there was a consciousness to our lives, a necessary invention to the way we were going to celebrate and mark family and mark connection. That felt magical and beautiful.”

Ms. Kron is 54, and her sentiments seem to resonate among gay people of her generation and older. “People are missing a sense of community, a sense of sharing,” said Eric Marcus, 56, the author of “Making Gay History.”

“There is something wonderful about being part of an oppressed community,” Mr. Marcus said. But he warned against too much nostalgia. The most vocal gay rights activists may have celebrated being outsiders, but the vast majority of gay people just wanted “what everyone else had,” he said — the ability to fall in love, have families, pursue their careers and “just live their lives.”"
It's an interesting dilemma for homosexuals: getting what you demand vs. losing your Victimhood and Messiah status when you do get what you demand. Homosexuals will need something else to replace the loss of the special Class War designation which has defined them. They will have to either find a different Victimhood status to bestow upon themselves, or possibly create more hate crimes to prove that their old Victimhood status is still intact.

The loss of Victimhood represents a return from rebellion and distinction, back to non-differentiation: non-eliteness. How will homosexuals choose to rebel now? I suspect that many will discover that they are suddenly straight, now that there's no rebellious advantage to being homosexual, no specific Class separation to shove in people's faces. But many others will need an all-new rebellion in order to differentiate themselves from cis-sane people.


Steven Satak said...

It's a funny old world. Yahoo stories about the 'victory' are rife, yet so are stories about how gays are 'still Victims'. They'll never give it up.

The Left is well-known for demanding we all live in a world where they - not us- can eat their cake and have it, too. That this is a logical impossibility is no barrier. It's merely the perpetual outraged squeal of a two-year-old that someone, anyone but them, must pay for maintaining their public fantasies of victim-hood - whilst they sit on top of the local dung heap wearing their rainbow foil crown.

The illusion of Socialism works fine until it runs out of other people's money. Same thing with Victim/Oppressor/Messiah daydreams. It is the emotion-driven lifelong tantrum of people who are adults but not quite grownups that drives this sort of malarky.

Those of us living in the real world, of course, will note it and move on. Another hazard on the Golf Course of Life. These 'Victims' will eventually fall to the two things that always defeat them in the end, as they are fatally crushed in the massive collision between objective reality and their own all-consuming pride.

Stan said...

I'm not sure it will remain possible to note it and move on. Homosexuals are known to be highly prone to violence. When the insoluble dichotomy which underpins their lives starts to rend, its more likely that violence will ensue than that a rational conclusion will dawn in their tortured minds. In the wake of Prop 8, they rioted rather than accept democratic process, beating even little old women as they went. That's who they are. Theirs is not a rational culture; it is a disorder gone viral.

Rikalonius said...

I agree, Stan. They hate democracy, but they loves them some Judicial tyranny. Something was pointed out to me yesterday that the hastag-lovewins crowd was pouring out death threats over twitter against Scalia. Even in their victory they are incensed that anyone would oppose it. Not one state enacted gay marriage on the basis of popular vote. It was defeated in any popular referendum it was tried, but the lower courts threw it out in willful acts of judicial activism.

Politic dropped an article not an hour after the ruling asking "is it time to legalize polygamy". Oh the descent into debauchery has only just begun, my friend.

Stan said...

Rikalonius, I hadn't heard that, thanks for the mention. It needs a post.

Steven Satak said...

"Homosexuals are known to be highly prone to violence." Well, objective reality suggests they bleed like everyone else. So maybe a little self-control on their part is in order. Or have they grown so used to the anonymity of the internet that they've forgotten that fact?

Stan said...

Homosexual culture has always been a retreat into self-indulgence and away from the codes and norms of civilization. That morphed into an attitude of "pride" in that very culture of de-civilization. Rejection of the principles of behavior of those who have rejected their principle-free behaviors makes the rejection of ALL the norms of civility easy. Witness the behaviors in public "Gay Pride" parades, and the San Francisco public sex of all perversions during homosexual festivals, where the principle of public decency is enthusiastically violated. There are many examples, the teaching of homosexuality as a normal option to grade school children is a good example of violence on the minds of children.

I personally consider the normalization of an obvious disorder, coupled with the outlawing of counseling for those who wish to remedy that disorder, to be violence upon the (previous) rational nature of western society via a perverted "science".

And of oourse the new homosexual marriage legislation from the US Supreme Court Legislators is violence visited upon the US Constitution and civil American society.

Everything the Left does can be viewed as being motivated by the desired to destroy something - i.e., to visit violence upon civilized standards which get in their way as they drive for total control through total destruction of the barriers which civilization poses for them.

For confirmation, look at the history of California; Detroit; Baltimore and anyplace that is subjected to Leftist control.

And interestingly, in places where the Left has attained full contol, homosexuality is returned to its aberrant state as a disorder, and homosexuals become persecuted far worse than in civilized societies. That is true for totalitarian Islamic religion, too.

Stan said...

There are interesting paradoxes and internal contradictions in the Left's approach:

Freedom, total, to the point of rational anarchy, except freedom of speech which must be heavily censored, and freedom of religion which must be removed due to "tolerance" of all behaviors and servicing all behaviors.

Tolerance of all behaviors, except dissent.

Diversity of skin tone, except no diversity of thought outside the bounds of Groupthink.

Equality of all behaviors except in freedom of speech (including and especially religion), tolerance of dissent, universally equal opportunity rather than favoring certain classes.

Equality of races, except that blacks are too weak as a race to compete in any manner with whites or asians. (Racism)

Economic Equality, except billions of dollars for bankers, huge failed corporations, greens, and other cronies, with no punishment for obvious corruption; borrowing and printing money to the detriment of future generations; perpetuation of poverty, slums, and lefitst plantations.

These paradoxes are their actual mantras: Freedom/Tolerance/Diversity/Equality. But they are not what they advertise due to their false use of those words. They actually mean the opposite, due to the paradoxes within their ideology.